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Music Video: Cecile & Lady Saw - Loser

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Cecile & Lady Saw - Loser

LOSER Song Lyrics

Thriller Rhythm
Featuring Lady Saw
Produced by Christopher "Langman" Birch

Lady Saw:
From a bwoy can't finance it dump dat
G idem di L sign if dem no compact
Nah say nutten if a bwoy show get flop
Mi a cancer, Capital L a fi u sign dat

Haffi come betta u nuh see wi hot
Hotta man de ya go way wid u cheap chat
Anywhe u come from u beta gwan back
Lady saw dem a loser, loser, loser

Lady Saw:
Bwoy still live wid dem mother dema (Loser)
Have baby mamma drama dem a (Loser)
Have man a climb dem ladda dem a (Loser)
A floss in a wash ova dem a (Loser)

Bwoy whe a beat up woman dem a (Loser)
And nah give dem pickney a grand dem a (Loser)
I underage gyal dema slam dem a (Loser)
And a act like dem tinngs deh no wrong dem a (Loser)

Verse One:

Lady Saw:
Show dem the L sign, mi wi g idem di rhyme'
No money no honey that motto is mine
All wutliss bwoy join di popdung line, you're a loser, you're simply wasting mi time yo
Some broke, still smoking dope
De a go go club gal a gi u deep throat
Nasty like roach all a ketch crab louse, if u have one a dat gyal fling dat out


Verse Two:

Now di one dem whe say dem a di don
Bout when dem get it dem a tan pan it long
Full a big chat but di back it nuh strong
And di bwoy premature dem fail fi mention
Some a dem nuh ready betta use up di hand
Bout dem full up a style stop lie dat a sham
Bwoy u a loser try understand
Show dem di "L" sign dem couldn't be wi man

Verse Three:

Lady Saw:
Frowsy arm Larry say him own Millions
Have houses a Florida, business a France
Armani , Gucci all di top brand
Him neva mention di tear up underpants
Dis next bwoy Joe say all woman a ho
Anytime him wuk dem haffi bend dung low
Mi say ben dung fuss tell him fi touch Toe
Mi camcorder ketch him a star a freak show


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