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Music Video: Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed

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"Can't Be Tamed" is a song by American singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus. The song was co-written by Cyrus, Antonina Armato, and Tim James and produced by Armato and James. It will be released on May 18, 2010 by Hollywood Records as the lead single of Cyrus' third studio album, Can't Be Tamed. The song's accompanying music video was directed Robert Hales and features Cyrus performing with backup dancers throughout a museum. Cyrus is first trapped in a giant cage, being observed by spectators; she then escapes and trashes the museum.

"Can't Be Tamed"'s music video was directed by Robert Hales, while dance routines were choreographed by Jamal Sims. In regards to the video's theme, Cyrus explained, "I think [the video] explains my life but it doesn't exclude other people's lives. It's not just about how fabulous and glamorous and all this. It's about the core of 'I don't wanna be in a cage. I want to be free and do what I love'". The video was meant to transition Cyrus away from the good-girl image she had developed through Hannah Montana. However, she believed her fans would be able to identify with the video's message through their own circumstances, such as through high school social hierarchies. She believed that her desire to "stand out [rather] than fit in" was shared by teenagers hoping to break out of high school cliques. In an interview with the singer, Ryan Seacrest noted the video's strong sexual appeal. Cyrus agreed that the video was sexy, though it was not supposed to be the premise: "The video isn't about being sexy or who can wear the less clothes [...] It's about explaining the song and living the lyrics."

Before shooting, Cyrus meticulously drafted her ideas for the video on paper. For instance, she contemplated the background dancer's outfits; she didn't want the dancers to wear scales and resemble fish too much or to wear bird feet and look too scary. Cyrus also chose their makeup pallets. The music video was shot on April 10 and April 11, 2010 at Sony Studios in Culver City. Over twenty female and twenty male backup dancers were used. Of the shoot, Cyrus said, "The reason I loved doing this video is because I wanted it to be something different for a female artist". Seacrest asked her how she thought her fanbase would react to the video's release; she believed the video was the first step toward "growing up".

The music video premiered on May 4, 2010 on E! News. The video commences with formally dressed spectators entering a museum as a curator introduces "a creature so rare it was believed to be extinct. [...] in captivity for the first time, the rarest creature on Earth, Aves Cyrus". White curtains are pulled to reveal Cyrus, dressed in a black leather hot pants suit and expansive black wings, asleep in a giant bird nest locked inside a giant cage. Cyrus rises and approaches the audience, but a camera flash startles her and causes her to shield herself with her wings. The music starts, and Cyrus unveils herself again and joins a large group of feathered dancers. As Cyrus sings, she and the dancers escape the cage and shatter museum exhibits as they pass them. They perform provocative dances both inside the cage and in darkened museum halls. Cut-scenes feature Cyrus lying down, dressed in a silver corset attached to a bed of peacock feathers, or writhing alone in her nest in the cage. The video ends with Cyrus back in her cage and the museum empty and trashed. Cristina Gibson of E! described the video as "edgy", similar to Cyrus' video for "Party in the U.S.A.", but "on steroids".

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