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 Post subject: hacking your psp
PostPosted: 04/23/08 10:11:30 PM 
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has anybody tried???

i think im going to try this tutoria land throw sum emulators on their despite not knowing jack:

follow link for all the parts:

PSP Hacking Guide
Part 1: Introduction
Written by: *Legion*
Version 1.03 (last update: 4/20/2008)

Sony’s PSP is a fine piece of hardware. Sony’s official use of the hardware, though, has only scratched the surface of what the device can do. Hackers have opened up the PSP’s capabilities, allowing it to do far more than Sony ever envisioned. Artificial restrictions that Sony has placed on the device have been peeled away. As a result, the handheld perpetually in the Nintendo DS’s rear view mirror has become a must-own item for power users.

PSP hacking isn’t just for uber-geeks. The hardcore techy stuff is in the discovery of hacks and writing of software to exploit those hacks. Normal people can take advantage of the work of the PSP hacking community with little technical knowledge themselves.

The most difficult hurdle that new people to the PSP hacking scene face isn’t technical. Rather, it’s knowing where to look for what they want. There is a ton of unorganized information out there, and finding out what to do can be difficult when you don’t exactly know what you’re searching for in the first place. Making matters worse, much of the best information isn’t in a single, stable location. It’s on message board posts, obscured by flame wars and l33tspeak. It’s on news blogs, buried under months of newer archives. It’s in README files, written by non-native English speakers (who, frankly, do better in the English department than the forum posters). Quite simply, it can be a real pain in the ass to find what you need to find.

I have compiled all of my PSP hacking/homebrew knowledge into this 11-part guide. My goal is simply to give newbies a place where they can get up to speed, without a lot of headache and dead-end searching. I don’t claim to be an expert - I’m not the person that created any of these hacks, nor wrote any of the software. I’m not even the first one to say any of the specific things said here. I’m just trying to consolidate a lot of information from various sources into one easy, concise guide.

My guide, in 11 parts:

Part 1: Introduction (you are here!)
Part 2: The Basics
Part 3: Pandora
Part 4: Despertar del Cementerio (”Universal Unbricker”)
Part 5: PSP ISOs
Part 6: ISO Compression and Rip Kits
Part 7: PSX (PSOne) Games - “PopStation”
Part 8: PopsLoader
Part 9: Emulators
Part 10: Homebrew Games & Apps
Part 11: Conclusion


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