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 Post subject: King's Crown
PostPosted: 03/30/10 12:55:15 AM 
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You wore your crown at a tilt a lil too far now
Tipped the tip of the peak of glint
It’s shine speaks at the sideways approach to your days
You forgot what represents the crown you keep aloft
Because once it fell, your lack of backbone couldn’t contribute to the movement of picking it back up

Eyes cut the thick humidity of attraction and slice into the unsuspecting grace of a dame walking past
Such a double edged sword you wield
For the very second your eyes spied such, it cut the very fibers of a tight knit family quilted in comfort throughout the years of it’s creation
Morality swayed in the wind as you chose to act upon a whim
Sweat and tears, it all looked the same to you
As differentiating between the two became non-linear in your eyes
Chaos and phenomenon swirled around in your senses
As selfishness caressed another woman’s unfamiliar and sunrise kissed hair
Golden locks, just in the same shade as your tilted crown
You kissed strange voids that resembled the lips of promise
Yet you kissed goodbye the very notion of a promise once you laid your first one on this Miss-take
Your principle for pleasure - get yours
While back at home she gets none
Funny how you get your rocks off on talk resembling another woman’s language
Seeds of doubt sprouted and grew in your very being
Your behavior produced fruits of labor too bitter to savor by your offspring and supposed Queen
Yet kingly and confident, you kick-started the chaos in which you had no foresight of
Because you only saw as far as the tip with which you were thinking with
Memories faded for but a few seconds and you lessened layers of a stranger’s caution and empathy
She couldn’t possibly fathom the fact that 15 plus years dripped away into drains the same exact size as the ones in the hallway bathroom at home
Not a bitter tear clutched her tastebuds as tight as the faithful wife clutched sheets wondering where “King” could be at this hour of the night
Yet stranger Miss-take was as deceived as “Queen”
Because “King” touched her eyelids with a promise of love using a ring-less finger to hush her fears

“I promise you…”
Rewind to once upon a time
“I do…”
“I cherish you…”
Present to a lie’s presence
“I don’t know who…she….is…”

“Papa, how about me?”

Does the brown glimmer of his watery eyes shed some truth on what you see as familiar?
See his reflection on your very crown
Your facade crashed down in his eyes within the same motion as that crown crashing down in ruins

And my, look what you’ve ruined……..


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