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 Post subject: Headstrong
PostPosted: 05/03/10 12:34:57 AM 
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Chocolate kisses and candy hearts wrapped in cellophane and youth
Crushes and “Do you like me” notes
To her, her first kiss tasted like chicken
Bus stops and short shorts on the eve of summer were the setting for the bloom of flirts
Shirts and skins hoopin’ on the courts nearby, she sweat for the latter
Games of “Slide” were replaced with hands held
Palms magnetized, fingers embracing but even precociousness was fading
She grew up thinking boys drank Coke cuz they were a joke
And girls were sexy because they drank Pepsi
Lookin’ up to Miss Mary Mack dressed in black with silver buttons
Yet here she was, grown and sexy in a Coke bottle figure dressed like she was a lil miss mack and thinkin’ she’s the playette behind the true player
Broken hearts numbed by the countless boys that played her
Schoolyard games turned into card games with high stakes
Where suited kings promised this queen diamonds and their heart
Jaded from the way these games played with her
Hopscotch steps are now tip toes through dark rooms trying to escape a one night mistake
How she wished, oh how she wished
Headstrong, no longer precocious but promiscuous
And she knew it
She felt the rush, she confessed, when in states of undress with foreign flesh
But each cold bed of another was a chute replacing her ladders
Strength was needed, rather
Instead of what her body screamed for
Her mind was screaming for control over her heart, the shouting match wore on her
So she would hind behind masks of mascara and lace
When having to face a worthy man who’d treat her right
Thinking that if only for one night, she’d get her fix and be done with him
But this dude, young and headstrong
Could care less of her past and the mask, as he fought his way to even grasp and take glimpse of the girl that grew up on butterscotch discs and hope
His promises and sincerity were gibberish to her like bo-bo ski watten totten rhymes and shimmy shimmy cocoa pop talk
She once thought that these boys were stupider, convinced since their birthplace was Jupiter
As this girl considered herself a star from Mars
But see, this headstrong boy grew into a man and this man grew the courage to reach for this star and made her see her own shine
She, headstrong and drunk off the mix of youth and freedom
He, headstrong and willing to show her the sobering reality of what path she was headed down
Their first kiss tasted like devotion, “Do you like me” notes replaced with cards of congrats
And chocolate kisses and candy hearts served as each table’s centerpiece
See one thing she showed him, though, was to never fully let go of youth
Because even though fairy tales never existed, happily ever afters do……..


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