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 Post subject: GOT $
PostPosted: 01/30/09 12:41:24 PM 
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life came as an expenditure.
his and hers,
stashing lost moments like cash beneath the covers.
dry wallets,
change with no sense,
a fixed budget that never followed out in plan.
those inconclusive withdrawals that
ghost our accounts,
how the teller had it stored in their pockets.
never to reach records
or fall into the cushions of a couch.
kept the loose change in the piggy bank,
lost track of how much it amounted,
but knew it was worth the wait when a good thing eventually happened.
as though spending time with distraction
could ever grow in maturely.
in love, hand in hand with lush.
living for nights that bled until the morning then back down to dusk.
us, how we fancy-
dancing to the spontaneity of another's irrationality.
where investing on the tip of the iceberg had it's privilege.
the breaking of ice,
hi. goodbye.
getting to know, what you'll eventually have to let go.
it's titanic in our confusion.
a relationship with the depreciation value of a
machine undergoing years of usage.
i'm sorry,
you're losing more than it was ever worth.
we buy it because diamonds were always
a best friend for a girl.
the sweet talk,
the warmth of a snowballing smile.
the aided thief laboring on a two way street.
latisaw on the highway,
in desperation-
pills and cocktails running through her system.
you tell your tale,
and after all we eventually grow closer-
each one feeding off the other.
the insecurity- the similarity...
the pre-honeymoon engulfed in frightful parity.
each an addict to the other's rarity.
where happiness is a gun in which we hold up-
never down nor slanted,
because we're not gangster or
scared to handle this.
we're loose canons, trigger happy and
ambiguous to the nature of action.
as we take no action,
or over do the act.
each of us steal from one another because
someone else always has what we,
providing no apology for falling-
my love we came masked as sheep.
robbing the other blind of hearts and such things.
you can't buy love, but
you will pay for it.
life comes as an expenditure.
his and hers,
saving or wasting it.

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PostPosted: 01/30/09 03:53:15 PM 

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I kept picking out parts to quote that I liked, but then as I kept reading, I kept picking out more and more until finally, the whole thing would have been quoted.
Excellent, excellent poem.

 Post subject: Re: GOT $
PostPosted: 01/30/09 06:21:07 PM 
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wow....this was really fantastic...

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