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 Post subject: Second Half Of The Savage vs Mouf Battle
PostPosted: 02/01/08 01:39:09 PM 
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Forgot about this second half I had to cut for the battle, but here it is now...

Hows it goin at your Rapnation site? ya'll can't rap but ya talk a good fight/
ha, I've seen the shit they wright, they all distorted, ain't none of em bright/
ya'll be blessed if ya make it back to yo nest/
where the only site you'll know were we murder the guest/
you faggots so discombobulated, what did your first forum get too populated an you needed a rest?!/
I bet they started a smaller one so they can say they the best/
now it's ended up with me battlin this FoulMouf - now that I got yo attention,
I'm sendin you back to your wack ass dimention/
did I mention, empty handed, you've be snuffed, robed, and stranded/
nah you ain't worthy at all, I spill your blood out on the winter snow, have it redder than fall/
your wordplays awfull an insuperior to my vowels/
couldn't get shit outta you, if it was pumped from the interior of your bowels/
your punches couldn't connect if they were swung under mistletoe, it's time for you to hit death row, "why?!", cus I said so!/
you more talk than a cooking show/
where you wantin ta go?! yo, turn that frown upside down,
you lookin more sketchy than Charlie Brown/
if I didn't know better I'd say you were raised by a clown, don let me find yo goofy shoes in my town/
I like to stay clean an fresh, so don ever let me catch my name in yo "Mouf"/
you ain't bangin, you hangin onto your life like a purse/
if you ballsy be conveniant, an do your drive-bys from ah hearse, I'll probly put you inna coma when I deliver this verse.../ a baby but maybe I make you pay me for impregnating yo lady, what you say B? you'll pay wit yo life if ya try an run free/
if not you'll be an ornament on the hood of my Hum-Vee/

you either leavin here, or your steppin on mines/
only the smarter one's can fathom my rhymes, you ain't shit here!,
line read line/

* If you can't understand the ain't very smart :fuckyou: :afro:


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