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 Post subject: Ripple
PostPosted: 08/05/11 09:07:34 AM 
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site mad stagnant, huh?
fuck it....

feel the need to bust, fuck it, I need no witnesses/the premises left bloody but leave no witnesses
find me in this desert with my skin black rhymin to a cactus/n' I would KILL for a stick o' chap stick
lil' slapstick if it just-so-happens ya into that shit or goin' thru stuff, needed a laugh quick
a sort o' literary mechanism tactic-
get their attention then get on some other rap shit:
the bill collecter at my door wants a check
I told 'em "the whole country's in debt. Nigga, step."
after me for like a couple grand I'm like "damn!" uncle sam got HIS hand out, I'm only one MAN
they got the mony in a trust, covered in some dust and they'd rather see the country crush than give it up to US?!
so mostly my attitude is FUCK you, in a word...well TWO words, a subject and a verb (I'm such a nerd)
got me all preterbed till I stumble over words-
or maybe that's the double "Jack", shouldn't o' had the third, the bartender got a heavy HAND in this mufucka
I'm high enough to never land in this mufucka...speakin the totem pole's pinnacle
a little bit a knowledge/with a whole lotta "cynical"
a more complex individual
-your intellect probly peaks at the place where I'm only just beginnin' to...
use my brain power; got me thinkin' in my mind:
"why you waste your time writin' rhymes?........
I got a little theory on existence as a whole and the purpose of the soul, its exact location in relation to your lobe
the heavens in relation to the globe and the cancer that you gettin from your clothes
psyche I'm just playin'; aint no such THING as heaven?!
thas how the church get you to return. Devin....

might shouldn't o' said that last part....It's all words. What do I know? lmao




 Post subject: Re: Ripple
PostPosted: 10/29/11 11:09:33 AM 

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Church's urging with apocalyptic words sent
down from the mountain on a rope of beard,
rupunzle's game, re-worded..
exsistance distorted,
disdain rewarded
a sunday service worked in.
Sick stains remain from the proofed grain the night before... *hic*

I'm late for la-bor.....
zip out the door quick, to make some more forged cent's.

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