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 Post subject: Megalon - A Penny For Your Thoughts
PostPosted: 03/13/05 01:58:47 AM 
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2004 Day By Day Entertainment

Produced by X-Ray, except "Rainblood", produced by Sub-Roc.

01. Son's of Sarah Connors (intro)
02. Death B/4 Dishonor (feat. Ray Long) - 2.5
03. The Soul of Jah (skit)
04. Street Souljahz - 4
05. Keep Gettin Money - 3
06. Got My Wings (interlude)
07. 12 Disciplez - 4
08. Black Jesus (skit)
09. Yahkoo - 3.5
10. Feel It (Hitlist) - 3.5
11. No Pain - 2
12. Thugs Cry - 3
13. Thief in the Night (feat. Ray Long) - 3
14. No! Just Us - 3
15. Feel God's Pain (skit)
16. Rainblood - 4
17. They Don't Make Em Like Me No More - 2
18. Raise Hell (skit)
19. Hell Razor - 2
20. Revelations - 3.5
21. What A Bum - 3.5
22. When I Go Out - 3.5

Overall: 2.75 / 5

I bought this album as a fan of Megalon (naturally), as I had enjoyed his work with DOOM and found his stuttering flow to be pretty interesting. I should have known better, since it's pretty obvious now, but Megalon's style and ability both fall very short of being able to support an entire album. While he's interesting on guest spots, his style's grating after 15 minutes. His tommy gun flow (hence the name?), lack of clarity, and tendency to entirely ignore the beat all become very frustrating after a few tracks. He has flashes of brilliance, and his unorthodox style works to his advantage at times, but, overall, he can be difficult to listen to. If he toned down his anxious flow and worked on articulation, he might be more worth mentioning. As it is, however, he's basically not for everybody.

Some people might love Megalon's style of the album, others will hate it, but I'd expect everyone to be let down by a majority of the production. Handled by X-Ray, the beats, at best, are flawed head-nodders and, at worst, almost unlistenable. Oftentimes, X-Ray's loops are awkward and ultimately annoying. To pour salt on the wound, his drums are absolutely terrible. On the plus side of things, there are some very enjoyable beats ("Street Souljahz", "12 Disciplez"). In the end, though, the production is often thin and amateurish, but suits Megalon's quirky style.

On top of a questionable rapper with questionable beats, the actual audio quality is pretty bad. As far as I can tell, mastering wasn't even a thought. Megalon never melds to the beat because of mic quality and, as a result, always feels detached. Although it's an obvious distraction, the quality somewhat adds to Megalon's guerilla, don't-give-a-fuck style.

The album has its share of flaws, including length, but it isn't without its moments (however minimal). It's interesting if viewed as an amateur demo-tape, but doesn't quite work otherwise. Megalon needs to either refine his style or switch it up, because as of now, he should be limited to guest spots. Recommended to devoted fans only.

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