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 Post subject: Re: Ayo listen for all of you looking to audio against me
PostPosted: 02/10/08 05:45:30 PM 
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Ok and you're saying this to say what??? :beathorse:
Never said I was a superstar dude...Glad you feel that way though...
Just means I exude much confidence...
Without that attitude how can one convince anyone else they're hot if they don't believe in themselves first???
So trust and believe I got product I done posted a few different joints here at HHE
I always ask for honest criticism although I'm already satisfied with much of my works
So whenever next I post some more heat between now and the end of this week
You can see it for yourself...
Oh and if you really know some G unit associates ask them about Sticko and Monsta Jah see what they tell ya...
I have nothing more to say so if you're gonna drop a diss track my only rule is:
Don't prewrite it just go in...
It's a freestyle battle and I'd definitely do you the same courtesy...Nah mean???

"No other rappers are on my level, none of them. Here, let me put it this way...In the sky, there are a million stars, but when the sun appears, you see none of them. I am the sun."

- KRS-One

 Post subject: Re: Ayo listen for all of you looking to audio against me
PostPosted: 02/10/08 06:26:35 PM 
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RAH~JUXS wrote:
whats this ,group hug time ,look i will not be swayed by ya weak play for understanding and apathy s.o.b,those that are doing what they want, just do,no talk ,if u want to network ,fine ,look up hezikiah, that 's my fam,he's signed to rawkus ,i know alex who runs rawkus 50,want more ,did i tell ya i know all the founders and contacts to beat society,which by the way g-unit employs for beats an upcoming producers ,also beat society is the first producer showcase ever created,u can also get at me at the annual b-boy bbq in philly,yes ,i produce and dj,so i know many dj's and converse wid them on the reg if ya'll need ya shit heard,but it is just to much to list ,oh yeah, my brother djs every friday nite at drexal university,its internet streamed, plus a whole lot of other shit i could list ,but so what,...its all about makeing good ass music and being able to understand that,if ya not ready, then u aint ready,that doesn't mean it's the end of the world ,it just means tighten ya shit, shit ,i got a couple of songs that are okay, at best,and some that just bang hard, but im fine wid that, this is not my only outlet,shit ,i customize cars whatever,...s.o.b look its just ya high and mighty prattle needed to be checked ,and the last time i checked .internet titles only ment somthing in poker tourney's ,if ya bed room bars can make ur show stand out live ,more power to u, but how can u have a title other sites and not able to do audio here,i just don't get it,, just cause i know this an that, doesn't lead me in any way to belive that im a super star,thats not at all what im trying to be,i just try to put out good music ,and challenge the norm in my own way, nuff said ..all this yapping wid no product ,will always make u look suspect,plus, u claim to be so versed behind the seen, as u say, but it makes u look more stop drop and roll.
put ya songs out there ,if cats don't like it ,then there not the fanbase that will recieve it...

yo explict, i'll be in dc in a couple of weeks hez got a show ,im the un-offical road manger so when they get back from l.a ,ill know what the plans are ,but the date on his myspace,(for those that don't know im in the keep on looking up video wid bila ,and we shot it in the bk )plug plug..
mad man keep doing u ,u got a good vibe on line ..about to check for ya audio,

I am quite flattered that you find me to have a good vibe on line sir..... but you see this is only following my lifestyle... it's takes no great will power to throw a punch ,,, the weak of will will do so unbarred..... the strong of will are blessed from all aspects of power... you see ....they are in control. though there are times when drastic acts should be taken ... this is not the problem, if one has will power... the problem lies in those that don't ...know when not to strike.....

the fire god

 Post subject: Re: Ayo listen for all of you looking to audio against me
PostPosted: 02/14/08 02:15:07 PM 
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The time spent on this argument should have been spent penning a verse.

-Brother Ali
"What the hell you look like on a message board
Discussing whether or not the brother is hard core"

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