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DJ Sarah Love Interview Part 1
Contributed by: D.J. Fisher
Posted on: November 28, 2007 05:44 MST
Filed under: Rap, R&B, Pop

DJ Sarah Love Interview

Thanks for taking the time out for the interview Sarah, how's everything?

I'm good, just been relaxing this weekend in the sun with the family. I just got back from killin them on the turntables in Asia so I needed the recuperation time!

So tell us how did you get started into DJing?

I think it's a combination of things really. Firstly my family's influence and support that I had to pursue my love for music. My parents record collection, hip hop music and DJing always fascinated me, Kung Fu, seeing DJs that inspired me namely Harry Love, Shortee Blitz, Cash Money and Tony Monson. I've always been involved in music all my life; everyone in my family is musical. Before I DJed I played drums so when I started DJing it actually felt quite similar to drumming in many ways. So being behind the decks felt natural to me. Also I thought I could be a badgal DJ hahaha and I didn't know any badgal DJ's so I thought it was time the world had a new example!

Who were some of your influences coming up in music?

Wow, that's a broad range of artists. Could be from Prince to Dollar Brand to Tribe Called Quest. My parents exposed us to a lot of different types of music growing up so we had all these different instruments and sounds around us from funk to classical to African music. We also had a lot of incredible and some legendary musicians roll thru our house too so every single one of them and every single jam we had influenced me. You know what though all the crap DJs, songs and artists influence me too, cos I think to myself ‘now that's what you don't want to do!'

Take us back to your very first show, what was that like for you?

Very first gig in a club was at legendary London hip hop spot Kung Fu where I am still a resident DJ. I think it went well overall. I enjoyed it. The parts I didn't like just made me want to not make those same mistakes at my next gig. So it was the beginning in my mind of the mission to be the best DJ I could be. And that was the beginnings of Kung Fu too so I have fond memories because of that as well.

I see you're apart of Kung Fu London, could you tell us about that?

Kung fu is a longstanding and legendary hip hop party in London. I helped establish it along with my bro's Leo, Charlie who I went to school with, DJ Harry Love who is also a resident DJ and Mystro who is the host. Each month we would throw the dopest party with the best line-ups and the best vibes and the best music. And there was nothing else like it in the world that I know of at that time! We represent real hip hop. We had the best UK artists and DJs, the best open mics and it was the best place to see your favorite US artists too. If you want to know more you can check out www.kungfu-london.com and our DVD is full of classic too!

What has been your favorite show for you so far?

So hard to answer because shows can vary so much from something major lavish to something grimey and more intimate. I always say to myself though that you are as good as your last show so I always work to make sure each show cuts it for me personally so I can walk away and say I did my best and I smashed it. The show that always stands out for me is at Kung Fu we did a party in 2001, the Harry Love Birthday bash where we turned away 1000 people and anybody who was lucky enough to make it in that place will tell you that night was history! Any show where you see people properly smiling and getting down and they're feeling the love is the one for me.

Part 2 of this interview coming soon.....

For the latest info, check out DJ Sarah Love on Myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/djsarahlove

And every Friday at 2am on BBC Radio 1Xtra the Sarah Love Hip Hop Mix Show:

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