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Big Pimpin'
Contributed by: Linda Hobbs
Source: vibe.com
Posted on: November 27, 2007 08:29 MST
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chris brown


In school, I was the popular kid, but I was just the kid who hung out with the most popular people. There are the hot boys who had all the girls, and I'd be their homie. I was the jokester, the one who cracked jokes. But of course when you're in school and you're the one who sings, and you're not afraid to be yourself, people hate on that. If you're the one that's shining over everybody, I mean, not saying it like that but, if you're not scared to be yourself, people hate that. Everyone wants to be the same, everybody want to judge the same. Then they get jealous. I was the polar opposite [of a ladies man]. But I wouldn't sing as much. They knew I sung, but I kept a lot of my musical stuff low-key until it was really about to happen. I was like, "Nah, I'm just gone surprise everybody."


I don't want any industry girl. You got to deal with egos, they gone always be the center of attention, have a slight chip on their shoulder. Like if I was gonna be with a girl in the industry, I have to deal with every guy she's been with, knowing that I go with her-- it's like in high school. Nobody wants you unless you have somebody. If a girl has a boyfriend, all the dudes is trying to holla at that girl, or dude gets a girlfriend, all the girls trying to holla at that dude. But I would prefer a girl from where I'm from.


I don't talk to groupies. I don't like groupies. Groupies have an agenda. I don't like a girl with an agenda- a negative agenda. Groupies have a tendency to either want something from you, your pockets, your money, or they want you to put them on in some way. They don't think about you as a person.


I don't mess with fans. Fans don't see me as me. I respect my fans, and I do my music, and my concerts and love my fans- but I can't date a fan. [Because] say you're an artist. You're performing, and a thousand guys talking to you [Imitates a squealing dude] "Ohmygawd! Ohmygawd!" And they acting like little kids when they see you. [It's like] a dude coming up to you, "Ohmygawd, Ohmygawd! I love you sooo much, Ohmygawd! Can I take you out on a date?!" . . . Are you gone say yeah? You see my point? I've met girls and they've [come up to me and] and been themselves, like, "How you doin?"

It worked more than them shivering in my face and they can't get a word out when they around me. I like fans how they are, I'm just saying, I don't date a fan. I won't go with a fan. I can't sit here and say I'd put a ring on a fan's finger. Because at the end of the day, they don't see me for Chris Brown. They see me as the dude on BET. But I still love my fans.


I don't really have one. I just like genuinely pretty girls. It's hard to describe a pretty girl because you don't know what's pretty until you see it, and then you like it for yourself. I can see a dark-skinned girl and she can be pretty; I can see a big girl and she'll be pretty; I can see a super skinny girl and she'll be pretty. It just depends on the definition of what I look at as pretty.

I don't have a clear definition of what that person looks like. [But] if someone's being raunchy, and stanky and unclassy, it's like, "I'm gone go left and you go right, I don't want to mess with you."


You can't talk to a girl in public. Never can. But doing it in public- I'm giving you all my secrets now, see- but let's be real. I've met people and exchanged numbers and hit them up, like girls, but if I wasn't here, I wouldn't walk over like, "How you doing? Can I get your number?" it goes back to the attainable factor. I can't stick with one girl. I can say "hi" to her. My homies can talk to her, and I say "hi," with the homies- it's a group conversation. It can't just be one-on-one; it must be some sort of balance. If we the only person in the room I'd say what's up to her. But I'm really single- and that' s not a political answer.


My main thing to why I smile all the time is because I don't have any reason to front. What for? I'm doing what I love to do. I choose to be myself and play my cards how I want to play them. At the end of the day, whoever said [I have a good boy image] are going to come to my concert to see me.

[People] only heard one album. So if they want to judge me off of one album, that's cool, but at the same time I was 15 when I recorded that album. So this next album I'm 18. So it's a whole different subject matter. Even in my "Wall to Wall" video, I don't see myself as a kind of a good boy. I mean, maybe in the beginning kind of, but when you see me, it's a little bit different now. It's not the "Yo" video. I'm not a good guy or bad guy. I just do music, I'm Chris Brown, I'm an artist.

You just not gone hear me curse on my record, or do a Pretty Ricky on my record because I'm not that person. I got a wide-range of fans, that's the only difference. I got 5-year-olds that hear my album, and 35-year-olds that hear my album. So, I think it's better to appeal to everybody like Michael [Jackson] did. Michael might've said curse words in his record, but he made up for it, he never made no super sex records, like, "Let me stick it in!" and some dumb record. Ya'll wanna hear that from me?


I applaud [J Holiday]. He did an incredible job on the record. It's his people that work with him that did a sucky job. They told me they wrote the record for me and they sent it to me the day they wrote it for me. And I'm like, "Ok, I'm coming in to record it tomorrow."

Then they called a couple of hours later like, "Well, J. Holiday took the record," and I was like, "Well, how he take the record and you recorded it for me?" Then they tried to blame it on him, but it wasn't his fault. It was them.

But basically, I was gonna do that song. It was going to be my potential second single. But I think it's a great record for him. I've never spoke to J. Holiday though. I've never met dude. I'm a fan of his music, I'm a fan of him, I like his voice, but I've never heard any of his songs. I've only heard "Bed," which is my song! So it's kind of hard to be like, "Oh yeah, that dude hot," when you know that was your song, and you was gone sing it.

I mean, I'm not tripping over the fact; it's just funny to me. I don't have animosity towards [J Holiday], I don't hate on another artist, I don't stop another man from getting his paper. I still like the record till this day, with him singing on it. I still listen to the record.


I think everybody now is more about being better than everybody. And it doesn't evoke creativity because you don't get to be yourself; you got to always try to outdo somebody. Back in the day, when there was Prince, there was Michael, Bobby Brown, Stevie Wonder, all those guys, everybody had their own lane, and it was friendly competition. Everybody was doing their own thing creatively. It wasn't like, everybody sound the same.

Nowadays everybody wanna get the same sound, wanna do the same dances in their video- "Oh, let me make a video just like Chris Brown, let me make a video like Lloyd, or let me make a video like . . ." You know what I'm saying? It isn't a lot of creativity in R&B anymore. So I just feel that we can be a lot better. I don't know when the creativity left. I just know that when I got in, it weren't there. My manager always told me, "Don't worry about none of these dudes out here, don't worry about what artists are doing, you just continue what you doing and you do what you want to do as far as you being yourself."


People don't wanna see somebody, for an hour and a half, standing at a microphone singing. They can buy the album and listen to you do that. When they come to a show, they wanna see you bust your tail! They want you to give them a show; they wanna see something they've never saw before.

The industry is somewhat like a circus. Artists have their tricks and talents. Now for those who sit on the stage and sing, they might do it at a smaller venue, like the House of Blues, or clubs. But as far as like big artists- Beyonce, Usher, Justin, Ne-Yo, Omarion, Bow Wow- they need that excitement and something going on. And me personally, I don't like standing. I sing live at every show, but I don't like standing at a mike and just singing my songs. If it got a beat to it, I dance and I have fun.

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