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Lumidee - Unexpected
Contributed by: Quinton Hatfield
Source: nobodysmiling.com
Posted on: October 31, 2007 05:59 MST
Filed under: R&B, Pop

Lumidee Unexpected

It's been a little over two years since you heard the girl Lumidee. Yeah I know that rings a bell as the first tune that comes to your mind is the song "Uh Oh". The name of the album that featured that track was her first solo album "Almost Famous" and it seems funny to some as it seems Lumidee just disappeared from the industry. Where did she go many were probably asking, did she get dropped, get tired of the industry, or simply just wanted to take time off. As we happen to find out Lumidee has been on the road mostly overseas and is now back as she just released her new album from TVT "Unexpected". While it was unexpected she was coming out with an album Lumidee speaks on where she's been overseas, being labeled as a one hit wonder, and the new album.

 Nobodysmiling.com : It's been a few years since you dropped the last album "Almost Famous" why you take time off?

Lumidee : I never really took no time off from the music business, but definitely in the states. 2003 the first album dropped and really quickly after 2004 I was out of the deal that I had. It was too much in store for everybody and to not get into stuff that was unnecessary it just wasn't a good situation. I stood overseas for a minute going back and forth I was touring out there I had a second single that did good so basically the awareness was more set over there. I started recording again and started shopping a deal overseas. I landed a deal in early 2005 and was releasing music out there doing my thing with the hopes of bringing it back home and now I'm bringing it back.

Nobodysmiling.com : How was the experience overseas was the fans loving you over there?

Lumidee : Definitely, they showed a lot of love and it was the same every where you went. Of course it different being overseas, but a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun out there. People showed me a lot of love, I did so many shows, and it was like I was training out there. I definitely had a real good situation going on out there.

Nobodysmiling.com : Favorite country to visit?

Lumidee : Seriously I would say it was different places for different reasons. I did a lot of stuff in Germany, Germany they are like party animals and they know your music, because they do they homework. That's why I love Germany their faithful fans, once they love you and as long as you keep hitting them with that music they stay loving you. They definitely showed me a lot of love out there and I did a lot of shows out there. As far as other places I've been I love Portugal, because their cool. I went to the Middle East too and the response out there was ridiculous so it's different places for different things.

Nobodysmiling.com : Now you said you were over in Germany so can you tell so can you tell me about signing with Universal Germany/TVT?

Lumidee : I'm with Mach 1 and they was the ones that got the deal for me with Universal Germany. Mach 1 is the European label under TVT, but I'm not signed TVT for Europe though only for the U.K. It's was real complicated the whole situation, but it definitely was a good move. Basically I have two deals and the album I drop over here will be slightly different overseas with a couple of different tracks on it. It's a good situation you know TVT is definitely a major independent and they live up to what they do so I'm really happy to be there. They focus on you when it's your time they focus and they definitely put they w...(continued below)

ork in and it's just a good place to be right now.

Nobodysmiling.com : How you feel about the input TVT is putting on the new album?

Lumidee : It's all good, when I went to TVT the album was pretty much done. I had this album pretty much done for a minute and TVT definitely helped us get some great features on this album and everything.

Nobodysmiling.com : Were you satisfied with the success of the last album?

Lumidee : It was good for what it was, it was good. I'm definitely not mad at it I got to see different places that I thought I would never see in my life if I wasn't doing something other than this. Basically I'm happy I think if I had to do the album over I definitely do the album a little different. Definitely this time around I worked on the album and it's a totally different situation now. I'm more focused and I know what's expected of me as an artists. I know definitely who I am, what I am, and what I want to present to the world.

Nobodysmiling.com : How it make you feel when people labeled you as a one hit wonder, did it make you feel any type of way?

Lumidee : Definitely I thought about it [laughs], but you know I took a step back and looked at it from outside in. Basically what it was that I had a song bigger than me and it made people go "How can you top that"?. When your first single is so big like that with the "Uh Ohh" it was almost like a gimmick to me. It was like "Okay were expecting this" and it put me in that box so quick it even made it harder for me. I think the time away from the stage was definitely necessary and it was necessary for me because I got more ready. I wasn't really ready then, I got more ready and I'm definitely ready now. A lot of people think that I'm definitely not that and I plan to kill that word. I hate the word I think it destroys a lot of people careers and people who have the contention to do something.

Nobodysmiling.com : So it feels good to have that chip off your shoulder?

Lumidee : Oh yeah I never was mad, because I was doing my thing overseas. The only thing that was kind of upsetting is the kind of people that don't wanna give you that shot, they don't wanna hear nothing else. I had situations where I had people play music for people and then it's like "Oh okay I like this", you know sometimes they just don't wanna hear it. I'm glad that I overcome that hump.

Nobodysmiling.com : Is there a reason you titled the new album "Unexpected"?

Lumidee : Definitely, I think it goes with everything, the whole movement, it goes with me, everything. It's unexpected to some people that I'm still doing music, my confidence, the image, the sound of the music just everything all around. I think that it goes with the whole impact everything is unexpected, especially when they pop in that CD and hear the music it's really unexpected.

Nobodysmiling.com : How you get up with Tony Sunshine for the first single?

Lumidee : It was a crazy situation, it came from this idea that someone was resinging the Patrick Swayze song and "I'm like okay what ya'll want me to do with this". I knew what it was as I was they wanted me to give it some attitude, and just do it the way you want to do it in your own style and flavor. I thought about it a little bit and I was like Tony Sunshine is planning to work on something already. We had meet at the Nore video shoot and we talked about working together, but we never got a chance to hook up. I got the song sent it to him and I was like if he does it could be crazy. He did his thing sent it backed to me and I did my thing sent it to the label and they loved it. It was going to be an overseas single, it was probably going to be on the album, but not the main track. I just leaked it over here and we were having a meeting with TVT to see if it was on the internet so they wanted to push it since it was getting a response. It was crazy to me I really didn't expect to have that response I was a little bit scared you know.

Nobodysmiling.com : Comparing this album to the last what are the main differences?

Lumidee : I think it's a bigger level of music, the production is way stronger, my vocals are better and I think my performance is a lot more confident. It's definitely a different wave of music on it as with the first album you were kind of just getting one feel and I had a lot of slow and real emotional joints on there. I didn't take nothing away from my first album, but it basically was my style. This one switches up I have club joints on there, slow joints on there, emotional joints and things that you cool out in your car too. It's a whole bunch of different things, but it all makes sense. You get in this album all different types of feels and it's something in there for everybody. Being that I had that overseas success I wanted to make sure I included that overseas market and everything.

Nobodysmiling.com : Who's on the album?

Lumidee : I got crazy features on there I got Pitbull on a song called "Crazy", a joint with Nore called "You Got Me", Jim Jones on "I'm Up",Wyclef, and it's really crazy. It's some great people on there and they definitely added on to the album so I'm happy with it.

Nobodysmiling.com : Appreciate the interview anything to say to the readers of NBS?

Lumidee : Definitely I thank Nobodysmiling.com right now [laughs]. I wanna thank people for checking out for me and my fans that waited for me to come back. I'm doing this for them so don't worry they can count on me. Fans can reach on www.myspace.com/lumidee and my website is www.lumidee.net .


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