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Cherish Interview
Contributed by: Davide "Lil Dave" Amato
Source: gangstasparty.com
Posted on: October 2, 2007 08:19 MST
Filed under: R&B

cherish interview

Gangsta's Party: 1) Please introduce yourself to our readers
CHERISH: Farrah is the oldest, 23 years old, Neosha is 21, and the twins Fallon & Felisha are 19 years old.

Gangsta's Party: 2) When did you form CHERISH?
CHERISH: (Felisha) We started when we were 2, 4 and 6 years old, but we've been singing professionally since we were ages 7, 9 and 11. Our father and mother were once singers, so it is definitely a "family thing."

Gangsta's Party:3) What image or concept do you want to express on UNAPPRECIATED?
CHERISH: (Fallon) We like our music to relate to every age, group, male and female. Unappreciated is a very musical and soulful album, we want people to know that we are vocalists first. People will understand once they get the album...

Gangsta's Party: 4) Can each member please tell us what song on the album is your favorite and why.
CHERISH: (Fallon) My favorite song is on the album is "Moment In Time;" it's an acapella that showcases our vocal ability.
(Felisha) "Moment In Time" is also my favorite.
(Neosha) My favorite song off the album is "Chick Like Me;" we're telling everyone about the kind of guys we like and it is very different
(Farrah) "Fool For You" is my favorite song; this song talks about real life issues that any woman can relate to.

Gangsta's Party: 5) How did you hook up with Jazze Pha?
CHERISH: (Neosha) We've known Jazze for a long time now, but after we wrote the song "Do It To It" he heard it and wanted to work with us.

Gangsta's Party: 6) How long after hearing "Do It To It" did you get signed?
CHERISH: (Neosha) We were signed to Shonuff/Capitol a week after Jazze hearing "Do It To It"

Gangsta's Party: 7) Do you know if there is another dance trend coming that will be as BIG as the "Snap Dance"?
CHERISH: Dances are always part of a movement, I'm sure Atlanta will come up with something in the future that is just as big as the "Snap Dance."

Gangsta's Party: 8) While we're on the topic of trends, what's the HOT fashion trend in Atlanta right now?
CHERISH: (Fallon) The style in Atlanta is all about white Tee's and "A" hats, we like to be comfortable

Gangsta's Party: 9) Can you offer our readers any beauty tips (make up, cool style of dress, etc...)?
CHERISH: (Neosha) My beauty regimen is MAC foundation and lip gloss. I also love Steve Madden heels.
(Fallon) I drink a lot of water and I always got on my "stunna" shades I love to be comfortable.
(Felisha) I just love my shades and my flip flops...That's cool to me!
(Farrah) I love shorts, preferably JUICY couture...they're hot!

Gangsta's Party: 10) Give us a message for your fans.
CHERISH: We want to thank all of our fans! Thanks for supporting us in all that we do...can't wait to come see you! Be sure to check out our album!
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