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Infinito 2017 Interview
Posted on: August 11, 2007 09:38 MST
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infinito 2017

Infinito 2017 Interview 
What's up man, how's everything?

Infinito 2017 (Marcellous Lovelace) Loving life with change It's great doing music, being Hip Hop and working my day job. Man I'm Paying bills, getting some travel, doing some shows while I'm living in Memphis for the time being. Had some situations with my past relationship with my past goddess, where it had ups and downs, learned allot and took on great training experience from this situation. I feel so good inside that's why my light shines so bright on the outside.

So recently, I just got a copy of this dope EP you did with Unagi. Tell us about that?

Man he my boy from the bay, he used to look out for me out in California. I'm like the only regular black dude for miles and this cat used to just give me that support and assistance. We just vibe and this album came from respect and admiration you dig, like how I build with my dudes like Thaione, Mr. Skurge, Fatnice etc ... The creation of the music comes from the same theme as my life detail the reality that happens. If you listen close enough you can hear my yesterday to my last few years. And I just gave him my reality a saga that never ends. You follow me I'm Teaching information on positive motivation for my Nubian Nation with Love using a Light heart. The Infinito 2017 and Unagi - You and Eye project is a projection of Change in this universe from my heart.  
And as far as solo albums goes, what is your latest release?

My latest album is ‘Nephew of Frank' produced entirely by Empee (of Kontrast) I made this album to detail how my life struggles can create change before things even happen eye can see beauty, ‘She's in The Wind' produced entirely by Fathom 9 (of The Brotherhood of Doom) to tell the story of how I entered Love as a reality in my life exposing the key to trust and ‘This is A Day Unlike Others' produced by COOL D just happened as hard times fail upon me in 2007. Infinito 2017 and Unagi ‘You and Eye' produced entirely by Unagi where I recapture my mood when I lived in California's Bay Area in 2005, I had a scholarship to finish my degree as a high, couldn't adapt to the area at the time, found a Woman to share my life and lost it all in the same setting. Next year in spring 2008 ‘Most High Definition' an album detailing my peace with the true and living God, the Womb Man she is the Goddess of our Essence and Love of the rhyme in Music with Hip Hop as the Element.  
Who do you have on production and guest appearances?

For the Albums I mentioned in the last question I have Empee, Fathom 9 and COOL D. Next year 2008 in the spring is ‘Most High Definition' with the clearest production and evolved lyrics. From every producer I've worked with in the past and some special new gems.  

I gotta say, you must be the hardest working man in the business.....for those that don't know ...tell us how many releases you have released at this point?

Well I appear as beam of Light where I create under the guidance of Anu the Sun (I get my energy from the Sun so the most work comes when its hot outside 100 degrees and warmer humid or mild eye function) so I'm eternal and that allows me to stay motivated using my many positive sides of balance Thoth equality. To date I have over 72 albums and counting, in 2007 I've wrote and created 12 records detailing every month in this year 2007 a cycle in completion. That's the ‘Most High Definition' coming through Love Yourself, Your kind, what you do and create.  

Overall, what has been your personal favorite in the Infinito 2017 catalog?       

That's an ever changing question, because I love what I create. My music is all a part of my growth and development as a man. My music explains the details of my daily activities. An album I made in 1999 called ‘10/26/75' my birth album was one of my classics for a long time. Then in 2006 I created an art piece entitled ‘Marcellous Lovelace - Nubian Plan It' representing soul in sound with Upliftment and Indigenous Nubian peoples Nation building. So I'd say it's a tossup between those two.                                    
Your also direct a lot of your own videos, when did you get into that?

Well I started making my own videos in like 1990 when I used to record myself for fun just emceeing and rocking my favorite emcee's songs on myself produced Hip Hop Show. Then I started making videos of my mix tape songs way back in 1992 where I'd just rhyme over other emcees dope beats. So I've done it all the way through Film and Video production classes when first entered colleges and universities. I'd say I have over 50 videos or more with documentary footage over the last 17 years.

How important is it for artists to have that visual these days?

I'd say it's one of the most important aspects of presenting yourself besides defining yourself in your music. I also document myself in Photography, Painting, Design and Sound.  
Do you have a You Tube channel for heads to check out?


www.myspace.com/infinito2017 has videos also  
Thanks for your time man; I know you're a busy man so before we close this up feel free to let us know where we can hear more of your music?

Go to http://www.infinito2017.ecrater.com/ http://www.infinito2017.com/ http://www.itunes.com/ http://www.ughh.com/  http://www.dustygroove.com/ http://www.drwax.com/ www.myspace.com/infinito2017 http://www.waxexpress.com/ http://www.rhapsody.com/ http://www.emusic.com/ http://www.sonyconnect.com/ http://www.audiolunchbox.com/ http://www.yeslioness.ecrater.com/ look up NAPPY 9 FOLICS TSHIRTS www.lulu.com/mlovelace among many other places including http://www.google.com/ JUST TYPE IN INFINITO 2017 IN ANY SEARCH ENGINE ... KA SEKHEM AND MARCELLOUS LOVELACE UNORTHODOX POETS SOCIETY NEPHEW OF FRANK RECORDS - LOVE


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