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Necro - "The Art of Necro"
Contributed by: DJ PICK ONE
Source: The Elements
Posted on: September 15, 2003 11:48 MST
Filed under: Rap


Straight out of Brooklyn New York, rapper Necro, emerges from the underground, being recognized for his brutal lyrics raising controversy, directing thought provoking movies and being the Owner/CEO of Psycho+Logical-Records, Necro has been busy staking his claim on both the hip-hop game and the adult film industry, networking and taking the necessary steps for his foreseen success.

Even though Necro has been haunted by many dilemmas including black listing from so-called hip-hop press outlets and fake reporters pulling snake moves, he seems to keep moving on and prevails regardless. Having a proven track record of sales on a consistent basis with a cult following, there is a question of, if the snowball effect will end? Or if it will grow into the financial successes of such record companies as No Limit or Cash Money.

From being ďthe most sadisticĒ to ďbury(ing) you with SatanĒ there is no telling where this rapper/director will end up, but it will be known that he wonít put up with nonsense and if he is denied resources he will not hesitate to produce his own.

DJ PICK ONE: So what up Necro? How you doing?
NECRO: Doing pretty good, dropping a new album and new porno, so things are hectic now with shipping everything out, but it makes lot of $$$$$.

DJ PICK ONE: For a little background info where you originally from?
NECRO: Iím from Brooklyn New York, grew up in Glenwood projects in BK, lived in Canarsie afterwards, then Flatbush and so on, Iím Jewish, half Romanian and half Israeli, all sicko!

DJ PICK ONE: Can you define hardcore gore rap?
NECRO: Define it? I know I do hardcore rap, I know rap gore sh*t, I also rap about sex, drugs, pimping, life, death, so I donít like being put into a category except hardcore hip-hop, people like to call it this and that, but that can limit things.

DJ PICK ONE: Who or what would you say is your biggest influence when rapping?
NECRO: When rapping my biggest influence at this point is my thirst for sickness and new sh*t and my hunger to create something unique that has my views and style behind it, there is no rapper now that inspires me or influences me, in the last 13 years there has been ton of rappers that have influenced me from the greats to just people that put out good albums, but now I kind of stay in my own world and feed off what I have created, my creature feeds me.

DJ PICK ONE: So what have you been up to lately? What have you been working on lately?
NECRO: Just planning on pimping 2 markets, hip-hop and porn, Iím dropping a new CD called ďBrutality Part 1Ē featuring new tracks from Necro and members of Non-Phixion, and I am dropping a debut porno called ďSexy Sluts: Been There, Done That,Ē starring Lanny Barbie, Penthouse Pet, June 2003, hosted by Jerry Butler, 80's porn star legend, this is what I have been concentrated on for the last few months since I dropped the ďStreet VillainsĒ mix CD.

DJ PICK ONE: Can you tell me the whole concept behind Necro presents "Brutality Part 1" and why people should be on the look out for it?
NECRO: Well people should buy it for the fact that there is nothing more rugged dropping this year, the beats blow everyone elseís away, and they are unique, every single beat has its own style, none of them are clones, they are all unique individuals, and the lyrics are crazy, you get to hear Necro, Ill Bill, and Goretex, and Hyde spit the illest f**ked sh*t over insane product, mad different flows, very unique, if you donít cop this your a f**king faggot.

DJ PICK ONE: Rumors are that you started your own adult film company can you tell me a little bit about it?
NECRO: It ainít a rumor my man, its all factual, I have my own porn company called Sexpert Video and its the beginning stages of me ruling in porn kind of like how I rule in underground hip-hop. Its all stages of building to shine more and better and I apply my same ambition to porn that I apply to my music, my new movie ďSexy SlutsĒ also have Necro music on it, as well as the white slavery video, from Lanny getting f**ked in her a$$, to Uncle Howie sucking t*ts in a bondage scene, to me eating dinner in the back of a women in my video, to girl/girl action, so there is a lot of variety, and Jerry Butler speaks on the porn indus try and basically takes a dump on a lot of people so you will get comedy too, see me at the top.

DJ PICK ONE: What prompted you to get into the porn industry?
NECRO: People expected me to do it, I have been getting asked for years, I just wasnít on the level yet to do it, as soon as I could I said f**k it plus it makes $$$, the porn industry is a billion dollar industry so I have enter into the game to take a piece of the pie, hand it over motherf**kers.

DJ PICK ONE: From your experience comparing the past to present, what changes do you see in hip-hop as the culture?
NECRO: I havenít seen any changes as far as people other than blacks getting more opportunity, but I have seen hip-hop become a corporate giant which shows anyone that they can succeed, I do see more artists handling business, but not enough, the ones that preach ainít doing sh*t, and the guys like me who are considered violence and porn only, Iím doing it all, setting examples for the youth, the same way Master P set an example for me. Pretty sad that the 1988 hip-hop greats have not set any indie examples, but maybe thatís a part of the ignorance that the game taught and school systems, so it takes hustlers to make anything happen, things will change, but the corporate side of hip-hop has watered it down to crap now, I can say hip-hop is crap now except for a few that rep it from the heart.

DJ PICK ONE: What would you say is the biggest problem with the rap industry?
NECRO: There is many problems, the biggest for me is the white/black thing in the United States, it holds me back a lot, its a fact, anyone white knows this and if they try to deny it, they are f**king faggots living in denial, if Iím wrong show me how Iím wrong, only one white blowing up on earth the way 100 blacks are, also the industry is run by people that donít even rap, thatís a problem, it should at least be 50% rappers running sh*t, but its probably more like 10%, so 90% of hip-hop is run by people that canít relate to me or a real lyricist, thatís a problem. Also when you do hip-hop for money and thatís it, then there is a problem, make the art and then devise a plan to make money off it, that then forces you to break rules and set new trends and standards, as opposed to following others, I donít feel you need to be commercial with a hit single promoted by a major to succeed, if I felt that I would have sold my soul along time ago, I have other dreams

DJ PICK ONE: What would you like to see change?
NECRO: Everything, I want to see shows for underground hip-hop artists, or for indies to get love from media like majors do, wonít happen, unless indies become majors, major pull comes with major money, I want to make Psycho+Logical-Records a major indie with creative control by Necro, so people like me and people who think like me can be represented correctly, cause Iíll smack the media in the face, I ainít some herb, I wonít get played, so it takes guts to show people the real when they are blind.

DJ PICK ONE: Who would you say are the top producers in the game right now?
NECRO: Top producers???? HmmmÖ I donít know, I think Iím number 1, honestly at this point, I donít think anybody is dropping better beats than my new sh*t, but thatís cause I got pride for my sh*t so if I was to think any less, than what kind of product would I be dropping? I have always liked who I like, so if you think Iím gonna say Kanye West, Iím not gonna, I will always like Havoc (of Mobb Deep), Primo (DJ Premier of Gang Starr), 4th Desciple, true master Rza, Large Pro, people like that, Iím an old fashioned guy, I havenít seen a lot of those guys get the respect they should, I believe in hierarchy, and until certain cats get their respect and praise, f**k that, ainít nobody getting dap, selling a lot of records donít mean ya banging, MC Hammer sold more than most, so did Tone Loc and Young MC, donít mean they make better beats than Primo.

DJ PICK ONE: Right now, who would you say are the top emcees?
NECRO: I consider myself top notch, donít forget that I really like my sh*t and if I didnít think I was pinnacle I wouldnít rap, cause I am basically Necro's manager even though I am Necro, so its natural I feel Iím the best, then we got Ill Bill, Goretex, Hyde, Sabac, all fam that I love, I have always love Kool G Rap, Prodigy, Cormega, they all have come insane, Killer Army has gotten me open many times, there is a lot of good emcees out, I donít care to delve into other rappers at this point anyway, I feel itís overdue Necro blows up, so I worry about my sh*t and the people that rap on my label.

DJ PICK ONE: Speaking of emcees are there any female emcees you are feeling?
NECRO: Females? Not really, but I do believe there is dope ones out there, just not discovered, I donít think many females dedicate their lives to it like I do, but Iím sure there are some out there and I respect them, I just hope they are smart enough to handle their business to get their sh*t out, and I hope they are more original than the dudes wanna f**k me I got diamonds ripping off Lil Kimís sh*t, there has got to be some original girls out there that can spit like a dude, we will see, out if billions of humans on earth, there got to be a few.

DJ PICK ONE: Any last words for now?
NECRO: Yeah go to my sites and buy my new stuff, go to WWW.NECROHIPHOP.COM and WWW.SEXPERTVIDEO.COM and buy everything, Iím taking blood for payment, die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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