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Source: Rap Sheet
Posted on: August 31, 2001 04:23 MST
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Ever since Kurupt's jolting vocals graced Dr. Dre's Hip Hop mosaic The Chronic in 1992, the California carnage of the Philly native's mic-wrecking skills has set him apart from the average emcee. After a follow-up guest spot on Snoop Dogg's 1993 release Doggystyle, Kurupt and his partner in rhyme, Daz Dillinger, were prepared to set forth their own spectrum of West coast ingenuity. Tha Dogg Pound's 1995 classic Dogg Food set the pace for newcomers attempting to outdo the dynamic duo.

Although comfortable with his Hip Hop roost, Kurupt was eager to spread his wings and venture into solo projects. His back-to-back albums Kuruption in 1998 and Tha Streetz Is A Mutha in 1999 proved to the masses that this lanky lyricist had more to offer than sidebars. A self-proclaimed master of the battle rhyme, Kurupt has managed to color himself onto a brilliant canvas in 2001.

Kurupt is on top and in love - life and lyrics are all it's about. His latest masterpiece, Space Boogie: Smoke Odyssey, takes the listener inside the mind of a man who has survived the ills of growth and change. Beginning his rap career at the tender age of 19 gave way to a lot of personal and professional growth over the years. As a father of four, Kurupt feels as though he has moved beyond the many changes he went through early in his career. "The art is bigger than anything. I don't know - I lost my head a gang a times. I'm slowly getting the grasp of it. The album dictates [my experience]. All my personal experience, my life, my love - the whole ball of wax."

Kurupt worked with Daz to release another solid DPG album this year, Dillinger & Young Gotti, in addition to his solo project. Kurupt does not feel any strain between working alone or with his partner in the studio. "No difference - peace like crack pipes," he says with a smile, "It's the same thing. When I'm by myself, we're a group. When we're a group, we're a group."

Production and lyrical guest appearances abound on Space Boogie, including Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, DJ Quik, Daz, Nate Dogg, Jeeky Man and Charm, Butch Cassidy, MC Ren, Jon B., DJ Lethal and Fred Durst. The dynamics on the album indulge the personal expression that Kurupt hopes to clearly convey.

After having worked with some of the best in the industry, Kurupt names Jay-Z as his favorite all-time emcee (outside of his own camp) to collaborate with in the studio. They appeared together on "Change The Game Remix" on DJ Clue's The Professional Part II. "I always wanted to fuck with him - I always like him as an artist. It was like a dream come true for all of us to be together like that. It held the most weight thus far. That, and the first time I was in the studio with Dr. Dre and Snoop -those are the two phenomenons."

The first single from Space Boogie is the Rugrattish sing-along "It's Over", which showcases Kurupt's lyrical chemistry with his fiance' Natina Reed. They wrote each other's verses for the song and Kurupt speaks enthusiastically about the track. "We were just clownin. She thought it was a big hit and the label thought it was a big hit. I went forward and supported the move - and it's shocking because my kids like the song too. It killed me. I'm a gangsta you know - all it did prove is that gangstas can go to any spectrum they want to." Fans aching for the trademark Kurupt catharsis will be elated with the second single, the venomous "On, On Site".

With two projects for the current year under his belt, Kurupt is in the midst of expressing his gangsta mobility through film. He is slated to appear in the independent film "Keepin It Real" with Tiny 'Zeus' Lister, "The Wash" with Snoop Dogg and directed by Dr. Dre, and "The Plague Season" co-starring Kurt Russell and Ving Rhames. Kurupt is proud of the fact that he's got creative control in his career. "I've got my hand in it all. Every single solitary piece."

His advice to aspiring emcees in the game is simple. "Don't expect for it to happen overnight. Keep your head right - don't get sidetracked and don't let nobody steal your dream. Patience is the word. They never lied when they said it was a virtue."

With a hectic schedule that includes studio sessions, filming, and touring, along with maintaining the layers of relationships in his life, Kurupt is mindful of his future. "I can see a lot of family orientated situations and more major magical events with the Dogg Pound. A lot more work, definitely." His work ethic is conducive to his dreams of a secure life for his family. " I want to be old with tickets stashed and my kids taken care of. In this game you can never retire cuz music won't allow you to retire. You'll always have to be around the studio. The best investment for an entertainer in music is to buy his own studio. Family and music - that's all I know. Everything else is irrelevant."

Find out more about Kurupt at: http://www.kurupt-online.com/
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