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Louis Logic
Contributed by: HipHop-WorldWide Staff
Source: HipHop-WorldWide
Posted on: June 24, 2001 11:48 MST
Filed under: Rap

louis logic

Q. Whats up! So where are you from?

A. I'm from L.I., NY but live in Philadel now.

Q. Who were some of your hip hop influences?

A. By influence I'll assume that you mean who helped to shape how I make music not necessarily whose music I listen to...hmmm...i'd say Redman, GangStarr, Pharcyde, A little Liwit Crew, Jay-Z, Co FLow on some ballsy creative shit, Portishead and definitely Marshall Mathers on some sick spittin shit.

Q. What was your first appearance as an MC on record?

A. Louis Logic "Planet Rock" F/ L-Fudge, b/w "Punchline" & "Logistics 101".

Q. So what is some of the material you released so far?

A. I did that first 12", a guest spot on Jedi Mind Tricks 12" "Heavenly Divine" b/w "Trinity" F/ L-Fudge & Louis Logic, then my new joint "General Principle" f/ J-Treds b/w "Fatotum" and "General Principle" Rmx, coming soon Louis Logic "Loudmouth" b/w "Secret Agent" on Bronx Science, guest spots for Shanti, the Molemen Album, The Jedi Mind Tricks album, the Insight Presents album on Brick records, and the Odd Couple EP starring Jay Love (mc, not producer) an Louis Logic.

Q. Any plans for an album this year?

A. Most definitely, it's tenatively titled "Humility" and will be comprised of about 12 actual songs.

Q. Who are some of the producers your working with?

A. Big Jim Slade (not on the album), Insight, Panik of the Molemen, Celph Titled, J.J. Brown, Maximillion, etc.

Q. Is there any guest MC's to be on the album?

A. At this point it will be only Ikon aka Vinny Pazz of Jedi Mind Tricks, on the follow up drunken anthem to Factotum, I decided to stand up on my own two.

Q. What label are you signed to right now?

A. I'm currently on Superegular/Landspeed.

Q. Is there a website that heads can find out more info on Louis Logic?

A. You can check www.superegular.com and on their links page you can check out the official louis logic home page.

Q. So what are your thoughts on the current state of Hip Hop?

A. I think it is what you make it..you don't have to sit around bitching b/c there are people on the radio getting Jiggy all day, I mean who gives a flying fuck what their doing, do you own thing, and besides not everyting jiggy or streety sucks anyway, despite what many internet kids seem to think.

Q. So who are you feeling right now in Hip Hop?

A. All I listen to is Portishead, Eminem, Jay-Z on occasion, Otis Redding, Frankie Sinatra, old Doo Wop songs like Dione and the Belmonts, and maybe a little De La or my Army of the Pharoahs compatriots..I think Lif and that kid J-Zone are dope too.

Q. Aight, any final comments or shout outs?

A. All this question answering made me mighty thirst so it's off to the bar for brews...check for me at your local mom and pop record stores and on the net...easy louie logic.
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