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Freestyle Fellowship
Contributed by: Optic
Source: The Elements
Posted on: March 3, 2001 01:40 MST
Filed under: Rap

freestyle fellowship

Elements: Who Is P.E.A.C.E.?
PEACE: Peace is a very fiber optic hip hop head, loves to freestyle, doesn't write that much, and a very nice person and very generous.

Elements: What influenced you to call yourself P.E.A.C.E.?
PEACE: Because of my violent streak. It was like I was unable to control my temper.

Elements: Do you have a musical background with instruments?
PEACE: Back in elementary I played the accordion. When I progressed I played the big bass marching band. And, when I came out here I got into the saxophone.

Elements: Where did you grow up?
PEACE: I grew up mostly out here (Los Angeles, CA) but 10 years in Fort Worth/Dallas, TX.

Elements: Where you live now can you describe the Hip Hop scene there?
PEACE: It's very flooded meaning that it's a very heavy market here. And, everybody I know pretty much if they don't eat sleep and drink Hip Hop then they aren't into it as much.

Elements: What are some of your favorite artists to listen to?
PEACE: My favorite artists to listen to would be like the Goodie Mob, Outkast, Snoop on occasion, my homie Kurupt, Aceyalone, Mikah 9, and myself. There are a lot of peeps like KRS-ONE, Slick Rick, Special Ed. I listen to the old shit. The shit I want to do right now they did back then. We can do it again. Everyone wants to copy.

Elements: A lot of people today aren't putting enough creativity into their work. Just steady biting off shit.
PEACE: They lost the reality of what’s creating and what's taking.

Elements: Do you have any favorite producers?
PEACE: Fat Jack, Premier, DJ Hive, and Diamond D.

Elements: What do you consider a Hip Hop classic? What elements make up a Hip Hop classic?
PEACE: First of all the material being like solid, raw, and strong like all the way through the album. The music fitting each element. If it doesn't fit then it does in some form of fashion. And, the content all the content of what you doing in that album. It all has to fit in one perfect package. That's a classic album.

Elements: Do you say you have a different rhyme style compared to most emcees? Can you categorize it?
PEACE: I can't categorize it because it's been done so many times. And, a lot of people have put their own label on it. I'll say to hear me do it and someone else do it you can definitely hear where it came from.

Elements: How did you link up with the whole Freestyle Fellowship?
PEACE: It started way back in 87 or 88 and I was at Lock High school, and my homie Chill and he came up to Locko and like "Yo man that dude Mikah 9 at the Good Life rhymes just like you, dude." I was like, "No one raps like me." He was like "Alright dude. Ya'all rapping the same style, that fast shit." I was like, "Oh OK." So, I went to check out Mikah 9 and he wasn't there. So waiting on him I got a little tired. So, I got on the mic and bust and blew everyone's back. Then, the next week I went up there to look for him and he came in, and I was sitting in the back. Mikah 9 got on stage and started to bust. And, then I see what they were talking about. But, I still wasn't trying to battle. I was like, "Oh we don't rap a like." His style is different. He's good, fast, intelligent, uses big words ok. Aceyalone stepped up to me and was like "What's your name?" And, I gave him my real name. He was like "What's your rap name?" I said, "My rap name is P.E.A.C.E."

Elements: Is there any other artists or groups you want to work with that you haven't already?
PEACE: Sure a bunch of them. I want to get down with a lot of folk like Juvenile, MC Eight, Snoop and Kurupt, Goodie Mob, Dr Dre, and I wanted to get down with 2pac and Biggie. There's a bunch of people I want to get down with. There's a bunch of producers I want to get down with.

Elements: Do you feel you have more control of what goes on?
PEACE: It's not so much of how much control of what goes on. It gives me my creative freedom. Everything else is logical and has to be business and dealt with. It's brought to me that way. If you can't deal with that, then you got to check yourself.

Elements: How do you feel about the pop scene?
PEACE: Well see is it pop because it's popular music? If it's popular music then Hip Hop should be called pop because right now Hip Hop is very popular music right now. They using it to sell every damn thing. So, I mean my outlook on pop is that they misusing the word. And, I think some of the people don't understand what the word pop means. I rather be labeled under pop. If we had to get technical with it. then yeah I'm Hip Hop Pop or whatever you want to call it. Right now Snoop is Pop Hip Hop. Ice Cube is Pop Hip Hop. Right now Cash Money is Pop Hip Hop. Master P is Pop Hip Hop. It's the popular shit.

Elements: But I mean what you think about Method Man linking with Limp Bizkit?
PEACE: Oh I'm with that if it goes right.

Elements: What direction do you think Hip Hop is going at this point of time?
PEACE: Well Hip Hop is going real far. Hip Hop is about to replace what we call club music. It's starting to get mixed with Drum 'N Bass. It's what they call dance music. It's going to go over to that genre It's headed toward another era. Same thing but different sound.

Elements: If there was something you could change in Hip Hop what would it be?
PEACE: I would take all wack ass playa hataz, non beat making, non freestyler, and do away with them.

Elements: Last question. This one is for everyone. What do you eat for breakfast?
PEACE: Man, I have a 40 of Old English, Mickey's, or Millers. Then after that I have a blunt, joint, or at least 3 cool bong hits.
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