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Contributed by: M. Villa
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Posted on: March 3, 2001 01:11 MST
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awol one

M. Villa: How long have you been involved with Project Blowed?
AWOL One: I've been going to Project Blowed since the opening night - December 1994. I don't go every week. But, I go often. Before that, I would go to the good life every once in a while. Fish did the sound system up there. And, if you would cuss, you would get cut off.

M. Villa: How did you and the Mass Men meet?
AWOL One: I got introduced to Fat Jack (Mass Men Producer) when I was around 16 years old by Massive (Producer for Volume 10.) At that time, Massive was working with DJ Slip. And, he was making beats for a crew I was in called M.T.S.

M. Villa: Do the Mass Men plan on releasing a record in the near future?
AWOL One: Fat Jack is putting out a Mass Men compilation record. I did a cut on there with Orion. I'm not sure when its coming out. But, it's going to sound nice.

M. Villa: Who makes up the Shape Shifters?
AWOL One: The Shade Shifters are: Mek, Circus, Rob One, myself, Bleek, Exist, Akuma (Static,) Life, Direct, Mek, Radioinactive (Kamal,) and Shuma Shuma Sorath.

M. Villa: I've noticed that you have worked on a few projects that have been released in the last couple months from the DJ Drez track "Dr Ez's Cool Fantastic" and on OMD's "Beneath The Surface" record. Is there anything else out there right now that you're involved with?
AWOL One: Look for a CD ROM from "Rocket Ship." It has a song I did with Mike Nardone. It's called "Smile Of A Bruise."

M. Villa: Any future plans for the Shape Shifters?
AWOL One: We have a record coming out in 2 weeks. It sounds like two dogs eating out a dead cat. Just kidding.

M. Villa: How did you and DJ Drez meet?
AWOL One: I met Drez (Dr.Ez) because I would always see him at L.A. clubs. And, he used to always DJ at "Koo's Art." So, we ended up hooking up at a record store he used to work at.

M. Villa: I know that a lot of underground emcees read a lot. What is some literature that you do read?
AWOL One: The last thing I read was a comic book porno.

M. Villa: Do you attend college?
AWOL One: I was going to college and taking sound production for television. And, I was also taking computer graph. But, I'm taking a semester off cause sh*ts too hectic right now.

M. Villa: What city and state did you grow up at?
AWOL One: I was born in Mentebello at Beverly Hospital. But, I lived all over from Norwalk, AZ. My dad was always fighting with his bosses and chanced jobs. But, always provided.

M. Villa: What are some of the artists that you're listening to these days?
AWOL One: Right now in my radio, I'm listening to Frank Zappa and some mixed tapes -- Rock the "Roack" Puppet, and E.S.P.

M. Villa: What artists you want to work with when it comes to future projects?
AWOL One: I want to work with Biz Markie, serious just to meet the diobolical.

M. Villa: What should people expect from AWOL One in the future when it comes to a full length record or 12"?
AWOL One: My new record is called AWOLRUS and features: Kool Keith, Volume 10, Aceyalone, and Abstract Rude. It'll be out soon. It's produced by Mike Nardone. And, we did it at Kut Masta Kurts.

M. Villa: Which artists probably influenced you the most when it came to writing your lyrics?
AWOL One: My writing is influenced by the angels and devils arguing in my head. They won't shut up even though I try to drown em.

M. Villa: Were you involved with the scene when you was going up?
AWOL One: I was rhyming since I was around 14 or 15, but, I've been recording since I was around 16 or 17, making tapes and stuff, DJing and being a worthless kid, you know.

M. Villa: Is there any last comments you would like to make before I wrap up this interview?
AWOL One: Peace to you, the 3rd eyed Cowz, Mass Men, L.S.D, CBS, Shape Shifters, Hip Hop World Wide. To order a box of used toilet paper call: 562-409-6213 and most of all love to my family!!!!
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