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Posted on: February 26, 2008 10:15 MST
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Micky Finn is a name that should be known by any D&B fan, from his very first releases at the height of the Rave era to the seminal ‘Arsonist’ that’s still rinsed on every old skool Jungle compilation CD to this day, ‘Badass’, a tune that almost every Drum & Bass DJ has in their collection (whether they like to admit it or not) and right through to the speaker busting tracks that are still flying out of his home studio today, this man has always known how to get big rooms full of sweaty ravers dancing like they just don’t care.

So, seeing as he’s a very busy man, and his history is well known and documented, we thought we’d catch up with the weight watching DJ himself and ask him some quick questions that may tell you a little more than you previously knew about Micky Finn…

DOA: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Micky Finn: A lorry driver! I have to drive to gigs loads so at least I got the motorway part right.

DOA: What was your first job?

Micky Finn: I worked at a bank in Woolwich. Your money’s not safe with the Woolwich haha

DOA: What's your most overused phrase?

Micky Finn: “A good chef don’t just cook fish & chips”, or maybe “That’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot”.

DOA: What are your hobbies?

Micky Finn: Go-Karting and studio work, I never sleep!

DOA: What's the most amazing tune ever made?

Micky Finn: ‘Two Little Boys’ – Rolf Harris… two little boys had two little toys, I reckon the toys were a set of Technics! (We assume the other little boy is Aphrodite!)

DOA: How long have you been DJing?

Micky Finn: I’ve been doing it professionally for twenty years. I’m just finalising some details but I think this year we will do a mixed celebration of 20 years of Micky Finn… mugging off your ears since 1988!

DOA: What's the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Micky Finn: You get as far as the street, with the street.

DOA: …And the worst?

Micky Finn: A rich friend once told me to give up DJing and go and get a proper job. Obviously I never listened and that was 20 years ago now. I saw that same person in the street waiting for a bus the other day… not so rich anymore I guess.

DOA: Name three things you can't live without and why.

1. My kids, they make me smile and make life worth living

1. Hip Hop. Because it is my 24 hour music, I can listen to Hip Hop at any time of day or night but with all other forms of music there is a time and place.

1. My den (the studio) - Where it all goes on!

DOA: What's your favorite meal?

Micky Finn: Roast potatoes, roast vegetables and a veggie roast. It keeps me Finn. And yes, I’m a veggie! I don’t eat anything with a first name or a face.

DOA: You're in town and you have £20 in your pocket... what do you spend it on?

Micky Finn: Crack - no
Whore - no
Food and music – yes!

DOA: What's going on with your label right now?

Micky Finn: I am so happy with the label at the moment; it definitely seems to be making some waves out there in the scene. I’ve just signed a couple of new additions, Zero G and Alter Ego who are doing really good things at the moment. I’ve got the tune making bug again also, so I’ve been very busy in the studio since Christmas time, listen out for some Finn on Finn People! I also have decided to start up another label which will be called Finn-S to help relieve the pressure on the Finn People release schedule.

DOA: Can you give us a current top 10?

Micky Finn & Erb N Dub – What Would You Do? [Finn People]
Original Sin – Cheater Cheater [Ganja]
Micky Finn & Erb N Dub – Annihilating Rhythm [Finn People]
Ego Trippin – Mars Needs Women [Finn People]
Clipz – Offline [Audio Zoo]
Zinc – Take Me With You [Bingo]
Shy FX – Rah (G Dub Remix) [Digital Soundboy]
DJ Picto – Ravin Rudeboy (Zen Remix) [Second City]
Zen – Hovercraft [Grid]
Cabbie - Long Note [Street Art / NAM Muzik]

DOA: What's the best club you've ever played in and why?

Micky Finn: There are way too many to mention, but a few of my favourites around the globe include The Docks in Toronto, Fabric and Ministry here in the UK and I love DJing in Oz.

DOA: …And the worst?

Micky Finn: Too many really, but let me say this, England needs to fix up, look sharp!

DOA: Finally, give the production dogs one piece of advice on how to get themselves noticed by the big DJs out there...

Micky Finn: The mixdown is everything in D&B and if it’s not right the DJs just won’t play it, there is a very high standard in D&B production these days and we all have to try and reach it. Good luck and keep at it.

DOA: Great stuff, thanks Micky.

Micky Finn:Thank you.

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