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Contributed by: Inaya
Source: dogsonacid.com
Posted on: February 15, 2008 12:00 MST
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DOA: Hi Fresh! How’s it going?

Fresh: EZ now.

DOA: As some people may know already, you’ve got a new musical project going on! Tell us about SOUNDWEAPON and where the idea came from. Was it something you’ve wanted to do for a long time or was it a fairly new idea?

Fresh: I’ve been a bit jarred with DJing for a while. I feel like I can’t reflect the work I put into the studio and everything else I do on just a pair of decks. I think unless you’re a serious turntablist or competent on more than two decks (which I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not), that in 2007, there are a lot of other directions a studio head can go in when performing live. Drum and Bass has become synonymous with vinyl DJing but it’s also supposedly the most technically groundbreaking dance genre. Whenever I call up tech support at Apple, they confirm this by being shocked at the number of plug-ins I’m rolling with. :teeth: I decided to devote some time to exploring what was out there and I think I’ve found a much more interesting way of performing.

DOA: How did you end up teaming up with MC Ivory?

Fresh: We’ve been working together on some breaks tracks, particularly with Deekline and Wizard. Since I first came across his page on Myspace and heard his music, I’ve been gagging to work with him. He fills the gap that I felt for particularly the Digital Nation Bad Company project and even though SOUNDWEAPON is a purely digital project at the moment, he has the kind of energy that can be expanded on. He also has a completely fresh take on MCing, coming from a breaks/garage background.

DOA: Explain a bit about your SOUNDWEAPON set up for the Dogs. How does this differ from a typical DJ set? What types of hardware and software are you using?

Fresh: I could tell you but I’d have to kill you :wink: If you watch our Fabric video closely you can see what’s going on.

DOA: If it’s possible to sum up, what exactly can people expect to hear at these gigs?

Fresh: My tracks predominantly, as well as some from Breakbeat Kaos artists, relicked and rejigged for the set as it happens.

DOA: Can you tell us a bit about the remix competition for ‘The Roof is on Fire’ by Future Prophecies? How did it come about? Why this tune in particular?

Fresh: Sacha had asked us about a project like this to help promote the new Trackitdown DOA MP3 store. It made sense it would be us doing the first competition given the history. It was also an opportunity to help promote Future Prophecies and the track was really suitable for remixing due to the vocals.

DOA: There was a bit of a fuss about the entry fee. Would you like to clarify a bit on the reasoning behind this cost?

Fresh: Yeah, we were not in agreement on the fee. Although it was my fault for failing to follow events closely before launch, I was a bit busy preparing SOUNDWEAPON as well as other things. I can guarantee that this was not an attempt to milk fans of the label who we very much appreciate. We will be paying the winning remixer a token fee which will probably eat up any money made. There were only a couple of hundred entries and obviously the boys that wrote the track also need to get paid for letting go of their samples! We have chosen the best track and I’ve demanded that the DOA crew get free downloads, which will hopefully compensate in some form.

DOA: Now that entry to this competition has been closed for a bit, maybe you can divulge some info about the submissions. How was the general level of production on the remixes and were you pleasantly surprised by many of them? Has a winner been chosen yet?

Fresh: It was pretty good. There was one particularly interesting version which replayed everything with live instruments. Yes, we have chosen a winner. The standard was suprisingly good, which just goes to show how many good up and coming producers there are out there. I’m not sure if there will be a full vinyl release on Breakbeat Kaos as of yet. That will really depend on the DJs’ reaction to the mix, but it will be released digitally on BBK through iTunes, DOA, Beatport and all the other usual sites.

DOA: The latest release from Breakbeat Kaos to hit the shelves was ‘Endless Summer’ / ‘Dr. Agnostic’ by Baron. What are some of the elements of his production that you enjoy so much? Will we be seeing more from him in the future on BBK?

Fresh: Absolutely. He’s working on an album for BBK, as are Adam F and the Brookes Brothers. His next release will be a heavy tune that goes by the name of Turn up the Sun. Baron’s an indie kid like me. He loves his guitar and is really open-minded with his tracks. He’s a talented dude.

DOA: Keeping with BBK’s future, please give us some hints about what’s to come on the label!

Fresh: As I just mentioned, big tings with Adam F’s album, no doubt. Same with the Brookes Brothers; their next single,’ FZero’ and a wicked untitled new track with Futurebound will be out in February.’ Clap’/’Exhale’ (The Inhale mix) by myself, will be out early next year hopefully around February as well.

DOA: Let’s talk about New Years Eve quickly. Looks like you’re in for a massive one! Where exactly will you be playing and who else is on the lineup?

Fresh: Myself, MC Ivory, Deekline & Wizard, The Autobots, DJ Zinc, Mampi Swift, D Bridge and many more, I’m told. I’m really looking forward to it! Deon, the promoter, throws the best parties in Australia, in my experience. He has been throwing large scale DnB events for a very long time.

DOA: Speaking of NYE, are you a resolution type of guy? If so, what’s yours for 2008?

Fresh: Jesus, give up smoking again maybe!

DOA: Could we get a Top 5 from you?

1. Baron - Turn Up the Sun [BBK]
2. Brookes Brothers vs. Future Bound – Untitled [BBK]
3. Body & Soul - Monster Walk [BBK]
4. Fresh - Clap [BBK] (on the self big up tip)
5. Dillinja - Criffton Crunch [Valve]

DOA: Any other gigs coming up where people can catch you in the near future?

Fresh: Tons. SOUNDWEAPON’s First Lesson tour will kick off around March/April and if the first few gigs are anything to go by, it should be something to look forward to!

DOA: Thanks very much! We’ll be on the lookout for all that’s on the horizon. Have happy holidays!

Fresh: Thanks Inaya. Big up for your longstanding DOA sufferances! x

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