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Posted on: February 15, 2008 11:57 MST
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DOA: The Whipser Audio collective is Outrage, Aperture and Kirsty Hawkshaw. How did this triumvirate come about?

Aperture: Outrage and I have been boys for a while, and had shot around the idea of a collaboration for some time. He finally hit me up after getting some vocals from Kirsty, and it just snowballed from there. We were really pleased with the end product and decided there was definitely a void needing to be filled in the Drum & Bass scene when it comes to vocal music. Hopefully, we can encourage songwriting as opposed to the engineering trap that so many producers (including ourselves) fall into from time to time. Music shouldn't be about memorizing compressor settings, but about capturing a mood.

DOA: Word is that there will be a focus on not only experimental music, but experimental music with vocals, which hasn't necessarily been a winning combination in the past. The term ''experimentation'' can be kind of broad; is there a limit to how broad and abstract Whisper Audio tracks will be?

Aperture: Honestly, I think we prefer to have some creative freedom, and definitely want to attempt a label format that stands out from the crowd. Ideally, we'd like to see an emotional/intellectual response from our music. Although the pop-inspired vocal tunes have their place, we want to try something different. We've already been in talks with producers from other genres for remixes, so there will be something new for everyone. Don't worry, each single will at least have one Drum & Bass tune.

Outrage: Experimental to us simply means that we have no rules in what we do or release. We hope to encourage others to do the same to help open up the market within electronic music.

DOA: When I think of the two producer/one vocalist combinations that have come from DnB, immediately there are two acts that come to mind: Kosheen and Breakbeat Era. Are you guys looking to create a project on that scope, something that’s more album-based, or will this be more single/EP release style?

Aperture: Right now we're just looking at singles, but an album is definitely something we're interested in. We really have to see what kind of response we get with sales... albums are a ton of work, but honestly we would like the chance to pursue that format as opposed to singles.

Outrage: The Whisper Audio project is going to be multi-artist based using various producers and vocalists. Eventually we would like to compile mixed artist/genre album projects.

DOA: Aperture - you were linked with Sol.ID and Lost Prophet as ''Autumn'', and have put out some critically-acclaimed tunes. Are you still working on tunes or have you guys parted ways?

Aperture: Eh... sore subject... the Autumn thing is over for me. I completely left the group, and don’t think I'll ever be going back to it. It's a long story, and reserved for drunken rants. I thank you for your attempt at starting up another board drama thread. :P

Outrage: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, WHASS UP DOC!?

DOA: You've also started getting your tunes out, on labels like Outsider, Breakbeat Science and Fokuz. What’s your release schedule looking like in 2008?

Aperture: Well first let me say Dev Paradox has really been supportive (as well as my fellow Outsiders - I love you rude cunts). I've got quite a few coming for him - an amazingly depressing tune called Gift of Life on the Outsider EP, my first single for Paradox Music, and a remix swap with DJ Trax, who is working on an AMAZING album right now, so watch for it!!! Gremlinz also picked up a roller called ''Clover'' which we will most likely feature a collab with him on the flip, and I also just signed ''Cocoon'' to Warm Communications, so I've got to sort a flip out for that one as well. There's also ''Stranger's Eyes'' w/ Outrage and Kirsty, which will be coming out on the Metalheadz album. There are a few talks of other releases in the works, some collab work with Digital and Outrage, and Insight.

DOA: Will Whisper Audio releases come solely from you three, or are other artists going to be featured on the label?

Aperture: We're actually shooting to bring more artists in - as long as it's a solid vocal tune there's always a possibility. Demos can be sent via AIM to WhisperAudioHQ.

DOA: When can fans expect Whisper Audio 001 to hit the shops?

Aperture: We just got finished with the mastering at Heathman's and are expecting a late February release.

DOA: What artists do you think are currently bringing proper experimentation into the DnB scene today?

Aperture: At the moment, I'd have to say Duo Infernale, Commix, Break, Insight, and Theory all rank up there for me at the moment.

Outrage: Amit, Goldie, Lynx, Paradox, Aperture.

DOA: Will you three be performing live P.A.'s in the future?

Aperture: Honestly, that's for the fans to decide. If the label is a success, it would make it much more likely.

DOA: Can we get a top 10 from you guys?

Aperture Top 5
Digital, Outrage and Aperture - Distance (Unsigned)
Aperture ft. Ill-Esha - Unnoticed (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
A-Sides + Break - Untitled (forthcoming Eastside)
Theory - Zamzummin (Unsigned)
Spotless - She Showed She Smiled (Outsider)

Outrage Top 5
Amit - Rivers of Blood
Outrage - Remarkable (Backlash)
Who - Digital (Function)
Rendition - Spirit (Inneractive)
Judas - X Nation (Backlash Mp3)

DOA: As per the recent staple going on with DOA interviews, here's 5 random shots:

What 3 things would you like to have if you lived on a deserted island?

Aperture: Does it have electricity? If so, my monitors, a new PowerMac, and one of my guitars. If not, I'd keep it simple and just take a surfboard.

Outrage: Aperture to pedal my electricity generator, laptop and my girl.

What's your favorite drink?

Aperture: Me gusta Patron, muchacho.

Outrage: WODKA

What's your favorite film?

Aperture: I've got a lot that rank up there - I really enjoyed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind though.

Outrage: Anything with a twist.

What’s your favorite type of food?

Aperture: Sushi.

Outrage: Chicken.

Can you give us an acronym for DOA?

Aperture: Debt Owed to Acetate

Outrage: Digital Or Analogue

DOA: Do you have any final thoughts/shout outs?

Aperture: Digital, Paradox and the whole Outsider crew (family), and Joel at canvasdesignstudio.com (anybody needing a really talented web/graphic design guy should hit him up). Juanita and Natalie for putting up with our shit.

Outrage: Big shout to everyone supporting the cause. Check www.whisper-audio.com for a full insight and join the forum UP NOW! and www.backlashrecords.com ...BLR002 out in March. Yeh Bwoooooooooooy.


Now, onto Aperture's Whisper Audio Promo Mix. As per most of Outrage's mixes, you need to head on over to the Backlash Records Podcast page to grab this intense mix [direct link to the post with this mix HERE]. Subscribe to the podcast, grab the FREE Outrage tunes, and peep the other featured mixes.

Here's the tracklist:

quote:Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Love Like Blood (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
Theory - Zamzummin (unsigned)
Dj Trax - Lost My Tears (unsigned)
Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Sunbathing (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
Aperture - Bija (unsigned)
Digital, Outrage, & Aperture - Distance (forthcoming Timeless)
Aperture Ft. Ill-Esha - Unnoticed (forthcoming Whisper Audio)
A-Sides - Destination Earth (forthcoming Eastside)
Outrage - Metaphysics RMX (Dance Planet X)
Gremlinz - Untitled (forthcoming Audio Decay)
Outrage, Aperture, & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Stranger's Eyes (forthcoming Metalheadz)
Outrage - Less Time (Backlash Records)
Outrage & Aperture Ft. Karina Nistal - Breakdown (Whisper Audio)
Aperture - Clover (top secret biz coming soon from Gremlinz & Mutt)
Aperture - Losing the Point (Outsider 017)
Skitty - Ancient Town (forthcoming Project 51)
Aperture - Need You Here (Breakbeat Science 025)
Spotless - She Showed She Smiled (forthcoming Outsider)
Spirit - Layers (forthcoming Inneractive Music)
Kjell - The Dynamic (forthcoming Timeless)
Mutt - Detroit (unsigned)
T Base - Eternally (unsigned)
Sinistarr - Anorak (forthcoming Advanced)
Alaska & Kirsty Hawkshaw (forthcoming Arctic Music)
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