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Moka Only interview
Contributed by: D.J. Fisher
Posted on: February 7, 2008 06:47 MST
Filed under: Underground

Moka Only

What’s good homie?

Word... well, what’s good is that I finally have complete free range over what I do in this musik biz…not that I had it hard before but now I’m much more of a master of my own universe.


I see you been grindin hard over the years with the releases, could you let us know everything that came out for 2007 and what to expect in 2008?

2007 was a busy one...the year started with the release of my album "Station Agent" on Camobear records...that one was mostly instrumental.. After that came "vermilion" in May on urbnet records. I recorded a bunch in the summer and also recorded a couple more albums that are yet to be released...ooooh. I almost forgot... I put a lil exclusive album/mixtape out in April called “airport" and that is available only thru Legendary entertainment .com and is only on CD…no digital download for that one.  Exclusive!  In the fall, me and my boy DEF 3 from Saskatchewan put a collab album out called "Dog River" on his imprint ship records. It’s still doing good on college charts... I did all the beats on that of course with a couple exceptions. And finally in December, I released a digital download album thru Urbnet / iTunes called "Martian Xmas 2007".  It’s my fourth in a yearly series. But the first time I released it for commercial purposes. 


So ya, that’s that...and for this year, I have a collab project with my boy PSY from the oddities…our group is called "The Nope" and the album is coming out on Domination Recordings prolly in March...then I have a full length comin on Urbnet records called  carrots and eggs...  don’t know when its droppin tho.  Still finishing it up...got some cool guests on their...Sadat X, Del the funkee homosapien, Bootie Brown from Pharcyde and Ishkan. Anyways, yup...that’s some news for the 08. 


Who were some of the artists that influenced you coming up?

Frank Zappa was a huge influence on me, Fishbone, A Tribe Called Quest, Ice Cube, Black Moon, BDP, Jungle Brothers, James Brown was for sure.  


What solo release of your's stands out the most to you so far in your career?

My most stand out album that I've done I think is either "Station Agent", "Lowdown Suite" or "Vermilion"...maybe I’d have to say "Lowdown" because it signified a big  surge of growth (no h*mo) in my artistry...new vibes and methods.


One thing I notice, you always handle just about all of your production on your albums.  What do prefer the beats or rhymes overall?

Man. I love making beats most...it sets the mood for anything else to come whether it's rappin, scratching or singing. 


Have you been doing production for other artists as well?

Getting deep into doing beats for other cats... some known, some not yet known... I expect to continue trying to raise the bar on that there, word.


Who are some artists out there that you would like to produce in the future?

In the future...artists, hmmm...I’d like to get some shit down for Boot Camp/Duck Down...that'd be flavor...Hiero, word.  Too many cats to list actually.


You been in the music game for a long time, what are your thoughts on the current state of it for 2008?

Man...the game now, fuck it...I’m not payin attention to the negative aspect of the industry right now or the trends for that matter...as far as I’m concerned, its whatever you make it. I’m good dog, I’m good with how shit feels in MY mind, in MY little backpack fantasy world everything is fine, I wake up and listen to Pete and CL, The Pharcyde. I’m sendin beats to my guys like DEL, making connections with some of my hero’s n shit like Sadat X, just got him on my new joint word man, I’m startin to wear the backpack title kinda proud, ni##a!  That shit is FUNNY, cats use that word like it’s a dis, fuck you we da shit, ni##a.  Yall ain’t shit with that "here today, gone tomorrow" type of rap, nah. I been doin this for a minute and I’m livin...yall got short money, short career...I’m in for the long haul. Hip hop for life.


When it comes to shows, do you prefer to be on tour or just do spot dates and what have been some of the best cities for you?

As for show, spot dates suit me fine. Actually, SHORT tours like 3 or 4 in a row then back home so I can create. I like the mid west, anywhere in Cali is generally good too.  Ontario, like Toronto...shoot, lots of places I git and give love.  Australia, word to Herbert.  


What memory stands out the most for you from your past touring?

My stand out memories are always little details, certain feelings of bliss...could even be as simple as a coffee I had while hangin at the hotel after a show and bout ta jump in da bathtub, lol.  For real, all them shits count.  Sunrise out the window of the tour bus, asking the hotel people to give me a room facing the train tracks so I can peep trains.  Man, lots of memories not just one big thing here or there, little things. 


What’s good with Ishkan, any chance of some more Nowfolk music in the future?

Ishkan, I don’t know what to say. He takes his time; he came throo and did a couple joints last month...it was really the first time since 2003 that we actually did any songs or session of real substance.  I wish him the best, I’m still trying to git him on more shit, he’s hiding out tho, lol.  Holler at his myspace!  Lol! 


Aight, thanks for taking the time out with us homie!  Any shouts and websites or myspace pages we need to be checking for?

Chek my myspace – http://www.myspace.com/mokaonly and chek out....I dunno go look at the moon in the sky or somethin. Yall ni##as need to get out more often and smell the air. Word. Peace----Moke.

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