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DJ Sarah Love Interview Part 2
Contributed by: D.J. Fisher
Posted on: January 11, 2008 07:40 MST
Filed under: Rap, R&B

DJ Sarah Love

Give us 5 records that no matter where you are in the world you can play and feel confident you will rock the crowd with?

Well that depends what type of party I’m playin at and sometimes it ain’t what you play, but how you drop it naaahmeen! Also, I'm no good at answering questions like this because I think of too much music, so sorry about that. But off the top… Well, how bout we do it like this…


UK hip-hop:

‘Witness’ Roots Manuva

‘Big and Bashy’ Fallacy

‘Murda’ Klashnekoff

‘The Intro’ Taskforce

‘Fugs R Us’ Taskforce


When I drop these tunes its just straight up, raggo, mosh pit, devastation in the place!


US hip hop:

‘Full Clip’ Gangstarr

‘Ante Up’ MOP

‘Hip Hop’ Dead Prez

‘Shook Ones pt II’ Mobb Deep

‘Nas is like’ Nas

‘I Know You Got Soul’ Eric B & Rakim


I don’t go to a hip hop show without these.


Non hip-hop:

‘Kiss’ Prince

‘Can’t Turn Me Away’ Sylvia Striplin

‘Wanna Be Starting Something’ Michael Jackson

‘All Night Long’ Mary Jane Girls

‘Encore’ Cheryl Lynn


And five others:

‘The Burial’ Leviticus

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Nirvana

‘Bookshelf’ Beenie Man

‘Welcome to Jamrock’ Damian Marley

‘Poison’ Bel Biv Devoe.


There you go, now you can all bite my selection and try rock a party like Sarah Love!!!!! 


Where are some cities that you would like to play at but haven’t yet?


Well, somehow I’ve never DJ’ed in the US before and I think the American audience would appreciate what I do, so id love to come show my skills all over the States. Japan is another place I’m dying to play, again because I think they’d love the Sarah Love experience. Maybe go spin in like the Seychelles or the Galapagos Islands or something, just cos I’ve always wanted to go there.


Tell us about your brand new radio show that just recently started?


Yes, it’s the Sarah Love Hip Hop Mixshow on BBC Radio 1xtra, which is a black music dedicated station available in the UK on digital radio, television and online. I broadcast nationwide weekly on Thursday nights/Friday mornings and you can listen back to the show on the website for the whole week. Each week I weed out all the crap from the good and play the best hip-hop in the mix for four hours. I love it because I get to give the artists and tracks I think deserve the shine, the time. What you will hear is the best UK and US hip hop out currently and a whole leap of exclusives too in a fresh way. If anyone got sucked in by this hip-hop is dead thing, they should come check my show. www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/sarahlove


Has Serato been a big help for you?


Oh my goodness, it’s a godsend! I feel like such a big kid playing with Serato. For me it’s helped with traveling overseas, firstly not getting stung anymore on the excess baggage for vinyl is nice which also means more room in the suitcase for shopping! If I should be so lucky. I play at some of these monster clubs as well where you’re trying to walk through a crowd of 1000 drunk people to the booth carrying 25kgs... It’s a mission! Especially if you are wearing high heals! Serato also means I can DJ at the drop of a hat wherever in the world I am as long as I have my computer. No more packing the record box, it’s all there ready to go. And no more breaking your back either. So yes I’m lovin my serato.. It feels like Christmas!


I see you help start up Medication Records, what can we expect from the label in the near future?


Well, I’m no longer involved with Medication Records but that’s my fam. Medication has a few projects up their sleeves, a very much anticipated collaboration between producer Harry Love and a rapper from north London called Ramson Badbones. That’s some SERIOUS fire there believe!! You can catch some very exclusive tracks from them on my show. There’s also an up and coming producer due to release material with them called Jetsun who is very talented. Everyone involved in Medication is on some real hip hop shit of the highest, dopest quality. You can track them all down on myspace!


Any new DJ Sarah Love mixtapes coming soon?


Without a doubt, it’s been a long time coming. My feet have hardly touched the ground in a couple years. Got something very nice in the making, which hip hop heads, non heads, male and female alike will love. But I’m the kind of person that I don’t like to talk about things until they are imminent, so you’ll have to check in with me again soon for an update…


With so much accomplished in your career, what do you have planned next?


Ah, thank you D.J. that’s sweet. You know I feel like I’m just scratching the surface with my career, don’t get me wrong I’ve worked hard to be where I am today, nothing was handed to me on a plate, but its just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I am capable of achieving. I will always push myself to be better than before. Forward motion is the underlying constant for me whatever I’m doing. My friend has nicknamed me Ideas Factory, because I’ve always got ideas for projects, not just music related. But like I said earlier my lips are sealed till imminence! But you know what; I’m on some owning properties and building a foundation for my descendants type ish. You must be longsighted. I might want to chill out and put my feet up when I’m like 70 or something so I’m preparing for that. I will continue the International Sarah Love Tour this year and I want to do some tapes for sure. In 2008 you can catch me presenting on MTV Base, MTV’s hip-hop and RnB dedicated TV channel. I will also be presenting an entire week from the 21st Jan on a show called DJ Takeover and that’s to start. You can check out below for more info. I will be reppin on BBC Radio 1Xtra too tearin it up on my weekly show so tune in!


Thanks for taking the time out to do the interview with HipHop-Elements.com. Are their any websites or myspace pages that people can go to for more about you and your upcoming shows?


Yes of course you can find me, everybody else and their aunties on MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/djsarahlove


The KUNG FU website:



The BBC website:



(Where you can hit listen again and stream the latest show 24/7/365 baby!)


And on the MTV website:



One love to all the Domination Recordings familia!!!!!!!

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