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Sealing The Deal With Misfit Dior
Contributed by: Gritz
Source: ballerstatus.com
Posted on: January 8, 2008 11:25 MST
Filed under: Rap

Misfit Dior

Misfit Dior (nee Laeticia Guzman) will always be remembered as the "hot girl" from season one of Ego Trip's "The (White) Rapper Show," and that's not just because the other two females in the house were Persia and G-Child. Along with her looks, the ex-pat Brit-turned-Brooklynite-rapper brought some formidable weapons to the table -- a mysterious accent, an excellent tan, and a quiet swagger that had "X-factor" written all over it. Unfortunately, she struggled a bit with the basics, most notably remembering her lyrics and following directions. In the second elimination, the rappers were asked to write a self-deprecating sixteen to perform for the judges. Misfit flipped the script by deciding to big herself up instead, and Serch somewhat regretfully told her to "STEP OFF." In spite of her early exit, you sort of got the feeling you hadn't seen the last of the Brighton native...

Lo and behold, she's back on the scene. As the year anniversary of the show approaches, Misfit is still repping the BK and staying on her grind harder than ever. Do the math(s): She's putting the finishing touches on her EP. She's got a Sandbox channel and a reality show in the works. And her MySpace page is popping off like Tila Tequila. But while the show cast her as a quiet type who was unwilling to make fun of herself, that image couldn't be further from the truth.

We caught up Misfit to get the real story and chat about tattoos, partying in Ibiza, and the man who christened her as an MC -- Proof. Fearing that she's losing touch with her roots, we also gave her "The Official Ballerstatus Nationality Test" to see where her loyalties truly lie. Hallelujah holler back!

BallerStatus.com: Misfit Dior! What's good? I hear you've got a shoot coming up for Complex magazine...

Misfit: Yeah, well I did Complex back in December and now we're supposed to have a shoot this Wednesday. But I've been the studio just working with different producers, and I've got the EP that's up on MySpace right now. So we're just sort of pushing that out in the clubs trying to get play. Just keeping extra busy, you know?

BallerStatus.com: Do you have a name set for the new album?

Misfit: There's not a name for it right now. It's looking like spring. I haven't decided on a name yet... I've got a few ideas, but I have to choose.

BallerStatus.com: The mixtape was called Sex Sells, right?

Misfit: Yeah, that was a mixtape I did with my girl Law, she used to sing my hooks. We actually put that out like two summers ago.

BallerStatus.com: If sex sells, how do you explain the success of Lil Jon?

Misfit: Lil Jon? (laughs) It's different for guys. Guys can use their swag, and he's definitely got a lot of swag.

BallerStatus.com: That's true. But I think 50 tries to pop it off with his shirtless antics...

Misfit: (laughs) He's got a good body, though, so I'd probably do the same. It's different for guys and girls, I guess.

BallerStatus.com: Fair enough. But tell me a little about what you're going for on the album and what type of production you've got. Some of the songs on your MySpace [e.g., "Paid a Grip"] have a definite Southern-flavored, club-heavy feel to them...

Misfit: The two on my MySpace are just sort of club bangers that I put out for people to dance to, but I want to have all kinds of music on there. It's all hip-hop based, but I want to do storytelling songs, and the club bangers, and everything really. I can't really pinpoint one particular category.

BallerStatus.com: I heard you ran into MC Serch recently. How'd that come about?

Misfit: The last time I saw him was in Detroit. I was on WBLJ radio and he was in his car listening to the radio. So he called into the show and then I went to meet up with him at Sickamore's studio after the show.

BallerStatus.com: What did he say to you?

Misfit: He was just interested in what I've been up to, and he and Sickamore gave me some beats. They actually had a track they wanted to do that had Proof on it... an unfinished track. They played me that song to see if I was interested in getting on that, which of course I said yes to. But, yeah, it was good. Things were cool between me and Serch. He's cool. They're busy right now filming Season 2 [of Ego trip's "(White) Rapper Show"] out on the West Coast.

BallerStatus.com: After you spoke did he tell you to "STEP OFF?"

Misfit: (laughs) Nah, things are different now. On the show things were very fraught. But it was more laidback, like, "Hey, what's up? How ya doing?"

BallerStatus.com: Speaking of the show, are you still in touch with anyone?

Misfit: I still speak to Shamrock. I was just in Atlanta with him last week. We went and got tattoos done together. That's a little tradition we do when I go to Atlanta. We go and see my friend Randy and get tatted up. Him and I speak all the time, but I haven't really spoke to anyone else. I think everyone's been doing their own thing, I've certainly been busy and Sham has been very busy. So I haven't had a chance to see anyone else really.

BallerStatus.com: I don't get bogged down in the show because it's old news, but I need to ask about my man John Brown. Was he as big of a clown as the cameras made him out to be?

Misfit: I actually liked him. Him and I, before we all entered the house, we were paired off in different green rooms because they didn't want us talking, so I bonded with him before I'd really met anyone else. And, you know, he was my bunk mate. I thought he was funny -- he's got a real dry sense of humor, and being British, I've got a dry sense of humor, too. He used to make me laugh, so he was definitely one of my favorites in the house. I can see from how they edited the show that some people might like him, but personally I think he's mad cool.

BallerStatus.com: What do you know about Season 2? I need to know what's popping!

Misfit: I don't know what I'm allowed to say about it... But I know they're shooting it and it's gonna be good. It's definitely gonna be different, but I can't say too much. It's gonna be in LA... that's really all I can say.

BallerStatus.com: Ok, here's something else you may or may not be able to talk about: what's up with your reality show?

Misfit: (laughs) I'm not sure about the legality of this. But there's definitely something in the works that's gonna happen soon. It's gonna be a fun show.

BallerStatus.com: I'm gonna name some shows and you tell me if your show will be better or worse.

Misfit: Ok (laughs). I'm gonna answer better for all of them 'cause it's my show. But name 'em anyway.

BallerStatus.com: "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane."

Misfit: I actually saw that show the other day and it was kind of cool. It was interesting, but mine's gonna be better.

BallerStatus.com: "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Misfit: Kim's is like a whole family thing, more like the Osbournes, so mine is very different... Better.

BallerStatus.com: Her Playboy spread was all over the 'net. Would you ever consider doing something like that?

Misfit: I haven't seen her spread and I've never really thought about doing Playboy before. But... I don't know. It's something I've never really thought about.

BallerStatus.com: If they approached you...

Misfit: Oh! Well, never say never, but it's not something I want to do right now.

BallerStatus.com: Moving on... "The (White) Rapper Show."

Misfit: I want to say better, but they're the ones that gave me my stepping stone to get here. So it'll be just as good, but different.

BallerStatus.com: "The Weakest Link." Let's be honest, that's a pretty good show.

Misfit: (laughs) That came from England originally. The woman with the hair, Anne what's her name...

BallerStatus.com: Yeah, Anne Robinson. She's an export, too.

Misfit: Yeah! "You are the weakest link, goodbye!"

BallerStatus.com: That's almost as good as "Step Off!"

Misfit: (laughs). They had it so much echo and reverb on the show like "STEP OFF!" It wasn't really that loud though.

BallerStatus.com: Now, your bio says that when you were a teenager growing up in England, you had a brief stint "hustling in the Balearics." That sounds disconcertingly vague. Tell me about it.

Misfit: (laughs) Mainly I was working the doors at clubs... the guest list clubs.

BallerStatus.com: Ibiza?

Misfit: Yeah that was one of the craziest summers. I was there from April 'til October for like three years. It was crazy. Sometimes I'm surprised I'm still on this planet. I was young and very wild.

BallerStatus.com: What was the craziest thing that happened?

Misfit: There were times when I'd work on the door 'til like 3 or 4 in the morning, then I'd meet some people at a random party, and they'd go to their villa and I'd get in the car with random strangers and drive up into the middle of the mountains and stay there for a like a day just getting f---ed up. Then I'd be around the villa, just missing for 4 or 5 days without going to sleep. When I came back I was very skinny and pale when I should have been tanned. It was like 80 or 90 degrees every day, but I overdid it a bit over there...

BallerStatus.com: That should be a reality show!

Misfit: (laughs) Right! I don't think they could put that sh-- on TV though, it'd be too crazy. But I definitely got all my partying out of my system when I was young. Now I'm a very different person. I drink water. Don't smoke or anything. I'm really boring.

BallerStatus.com: That's good though. So you've been in Brooklyn for like 4 years now?

Misfit: Yeah, like 4 and half years.

BallerStatus.com: Is there anything you miss about the UK?

Misfit: The only thing I miss about the UK is the food, which sounds crazy because everyone says it's horrible, but I love it. All the cheese and the bread. I have friends that come over to visit quite a lot and they always bring me a suitcase of food, like English chocolates, baked beans...

BallerStatus.com: Do you have a favorite British rapper? Are you into that scene?

Misfit: I'm really more into the US, especially since I haven't been back for so long. I mean, SAS are my peoples, so shout to them. But the UK scene is more like grime, as far as I know, so it's never really properly mainstream.

BallerStatus.com: I saw your Proof tattoo. What was your relationship like with him?

Misfit: We met back in '99 at the Brits, which is sort of the British equivalent of the Grammy's. We met at a party and just clicked. He was the one who gave me the name Misfit and he taught me pretty much everything I know about rap -- different rhyme patterns and counting bars. I was rapping before, but it was more of something I wanted to do and didn't know how to go about doing it. He was really the first person to encourage me to go for it. And he was also the first person to hear me spit something and give me criticism. So he was like, best friend, mentor, everything. That's my heart right there.

BallerStatus.com: He will certainly be missed by a lot of people...

Misfit: Yeah, he was one of the coolest people you could meet. He had the coolest fans, too. He had this one fan called Ellie who was in a wheelchair and he was at this festival in the middle of England. She had been writing messages on the D12 forum and he had her brought to the festival and wheeled up onto the stage with him. He was so cool to his fans. Shout out to Eminem and D12 and Shady Records. They're all mad cool.

BallerStatus.com: What was the process of writing "My Angel?"

Misfit: That was one of the fastest songs I've ever written, but the hardest emotionally. But it all came out in like five minutes because I had so much inside that I wanted to say. I could have written like 20 verses for that.

BallerStatus.com: What did you think when you heard Mistah FAB's Royce Da 5'9 diss? A lot of people thought he was taking shots at Proof and J Dilla...

Misfit: Everyone is entitled to their own freedom of speech, but it disappointed me. I don't understand know how another people could disrespect such amazing men. But I don't really need to speak on it. In this industry artists sometimes shout-out names in records for publicity without thinking of the fact that they are talking about real people, with families and people that miss them. I miss Proof everyday and didn't appreciate someone sticking the knife in deeper. But to each his own.

BallerStatus.com: Aside from the Proof tat, what have you got?

Misfit: I've got Dior tattooed on my left forearm in graffiti because I'm the biggest Dior fanataic ever. I have a girl with a gun on my left arm that kind of looks like a "mini me." It's kind of manga style. And the new one of have, which Randy [in Atlanta] did, is a half sleeve—my mum hasn't seen it yet. It's like a fairy flying around this city with stars above it and down below there's a clown shooting a gun with bullets and buildings, microphones... it's basically like a big collage. Then I have Misfit on the back of my neck in my logo. Then I have an L on my back for my real name -- that was the first one I had done when was real young.

BallerStatus.com: You should go on "LA Ink," I think that would boost the ratings. You and Kat Von D would get it popping.

Misfit: (laughs) Yeah. I've been in some tattoo magazines. I'm running out of space though. I like to be able to look at my tattoos, because what's the point if you can't? But I've got skinny little arms so there's not much more space.

BallerStatus.com: How would you describe your style, other than being a Dior fiend?

Misfit: Definitely Dior all day! I like contrasting, like, sneakers with a nice dress... I like contrasting things people wouldn't usually put together but I manage to carry them off. I have a clothing line I'm putting out and my mum's a dress maker, my grandma's a dress maker. I've also been surrounded by it. When I was five I entered a competition to dress Barbie and I think the next youngest contestant was like 10, but I won. The outfit got manufactured for a Barbie and it was really cool. So that my first little clothing line thing I put out.

BallerStatus.com: On a random note, I've got to ask... are you dating Kid Rock?

Misfit: No, we just have mutual friends. I think the rumors started after people saw us at a party together for his album release. I'm single.

BallerStatus.com: Ok, now that's out the way... If you'll humor me, I've prepared a little test to see if you really are losing your British-ness. Are you ready?

Misfit: Sure, why not.


BallerStatus.com: Tea or coffee?

Misfit: Tea. Definitely. I'm English.

BallerStatus.com: That'll never change. Football or soccer?

Misfit: Neither, but I guess football. Basketball.

BallerStatus.com: East end thug or American gangster?

Misfit: Damn. Both. Both are very cool, very different. I'm in the middle.

BallerStatus.com: Air Force 1s or Reebok classics?

Misfit: Air Force 1s, definitely. I hate Reebok Classics.

BallerStatus.com: Lady's Night 2007 Remix. Lily Allen, Lady Sov, and Amy Winehouse, or Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Lil Mama.

Misfit: Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Lily Allen. Switch it up a little bit.

BallerStatus.com: That would be a good look I think. Who won the World Series?

Misfit: What is the World Series?

BallerStatus.com: Major League Baseball.

Misfit: (laughs) Oh, I don't know that! Red Sox? Yankees? They're the only two teams I know.

BallerStatus.com: Red Sox. I guess you haven't spoken to Sully in a while, he was probably amped.

Misfit: When we did speak he talked about nothing but Red Sox, otherwise I wouldn't even know who they are.

BallerStatus.com: No wonder he never sealed the deal! Moving on... would you rather appear on Page 6 or Page 3?

Misfit: Page 6.

BallerStatus.com: What position does Wayne Rooney play?

Misfit: Who? Um... a good position.

BallerStatus.com: He's a forward for Manchester United. Next question: George Bush or Gordon Brown?

Misfit: I'm really not into politics. Neither, I guess. They're both probably the same.

BallerStatus.com: Council estates or projects?

Misfit: They're both crazy. But projects probably. Council estates look uglier in England. At least they're a bit prettier here. The colors are a bit nicer—more brick than gray.

BallerStatus.com: Having great teeth or a great accent?

Misfit: Great teeth, definitely.

BallerStatus.com: Verdict—American! Thanks for talking to us. Any last shoutouts?

Misfit: Peep my MySpace!

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