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Louis Logic
Posted on: July 6, 2003 02:51 MST
Filed under: Rap

louis logic

It is rumored that he was born trapped inside a beer bottle at an exclusive clinic, the lovechild of a pickled 70's starlet knocked up by a rock star passing through town. Some people say his stomach is coated in stainless steel, and his liver, made of barroom dartboard cork. Still, the most mysterious of his attributes is his uncanny ability to pen an endless number of odes to both alcohol, and the wanton lifestyle that so often accompanies its usage. They call him the Dragon, and the menacing shriek of his song can be heard throughout the expanse of this earthly world.

Somewhere between the crack of the aluminum ring at the top of the very first can of Budweiser he’d ever drank, and the light hissing sound emitted by the carbonation, Louis Logic was introduced to both alcohol, and the U.T.F.O. hit, “Roxanne, Roxanne", at the delicate age of 11. By no means a natural at anything, really, he struggled to retrain his voice, having been raised in a very Italian home and neighborhood, to sound as he put it, “less white”. After years of practice and several bad demo tapes, the burgeoning rap failure found his voice and total disaster was averted. It was just one year after the completion of his bachelor’s at Penn State University, that he recorded his first release “Logistics 101”, which ultimately served as the B-side of his first 12”: “Planet Rock” featuring L-Fudge. With the help of L-Fudge’s popularity as an underground MC, Louis networked the release of this record in conjunction with Superegular Recordings, and Jedi Mind Tricks frontman, Vinnie Paz. Then, in a succession of beloved, yet offensive 12" singles including "General Principal" featuring J-Treds (with the widely favored B-side, "Factotum"), "Loudmouth" and "Guilty As Charged", Louis carved his name in the great barstool of rap. He spawned an impressive discography of collaborations with a cadre of underground rap's most respected artists, including indie rap favorites, Jedi Mind Tricks, J-Zone, Celph Titled, and recent Atlantic Records signee, Apathy, as well as extracurricular group associations - Demigodz, The Odd Couple, and the Brews Brothers.

Louis' intoxicated stylings have since taken him to the Scandinavian wonderlands of Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, and on cross country U.S. escapades, the likes of which parallel the wandering Beat anecdotes of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarity, Jack Kerouac's most celebrated nomads. With plans to join several scheduled tours in 2003, Louis is set to release his first official LP "Sin-A-Matic". The album, to be released in June 2003 on Solid Records/Caroline Distribution, promises to be a meticulously crafted epic packed with plenty of booze, broads and bedlam. Be on the look out for the first single, "Street Smarts" b/w "Diablos" featuring Celph Titled, and other releases from the Drunken Dragon, as well as a traveling circus of live hip-hop, heroic binge drinking, and other such acts of depravity.
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