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Kanye West Forgets Lyrics on Saturday Night Live, Makes a Freestyle Recovery
Source: whudat.com
Posted on: October 21, 2007 09:24 MST
Filed under: Rap, Pop

Kanye West

Last night Lebron James and Kanye West were on Saturday Night Live. It's natural that Lebron James would be on the show; as the host he gets to be in the skits. With his almost obsessive attempts at comedy, there is no way he would turn down that chance. Look out for The Lebrons movie if someone can come up with dialogue that lasts more than 30 seconds. Lebron did a decent job on the show, but in the second half Kanye West kinda stole the spotlight.

Kanye had this great skit where he's on 106 and Park with "Terrence" and "Rocsi." They run a tape of him interrupting The Nickelodeon Awards, a Nobel Peace prize ceremony, some little country fair, "Aww, hell naw!" Where's his award? Then they show footage of him tearing up his dressing room as he complains that Lebron is hosting the show and not him. It's all jokes. But that last one could really have Kanye wondering, Why wasn't I hosting?

In Kanye's first set, he performed "Stronger" and Good Life," which went problem free; although I did notice he seemed oddly taller than usual.

That's when I zoomed in on the high heeled sneakers..  Beanie would love for this to be true, but I think they were just thick soled boots.

Later in the show, Kanye performed "Champion." He hit two verses and the music broke down to the keys of a piano over which he launched into "Everything I Am." It was going beautifully until he tripped up on a couple of words. After admitting the mistake he had to recover with an off-the-top freestyle: started rhyming about the security guard, the lights, the floor, that kind of thing.

Despite the mentions there was still a minute to go. You can only imagine the nervous sweat going on under that red Polo, the suddenly hot lights cooking him like a Cajun french fry, getting crispier by the second. Live TV haveth no mercy.

I'm happy to say, Kanye finished the moment with his dignity intact.

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