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West Coast All-Stars Snoop Dogg, Tha Liks, Xzibit, And Kurupt Pay Tribute To Roger Troutman
Posted on: December 30, 2001 11:29 MST
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roger troutman

Hip-hop's hottest artists from the west coast resurrect the funk with their tribute to the G-Funk godfather, Roger Troutman. The tribute album titled, Still Mo' Bounce, will feature interpretations of Troutman's sound as performed by Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, DPG (Kurupt, Daz Dillinger), Chico DeBarge, Ice T, Tha Liks (J Ro, Tash, E-Swift), Ras Kass, B Real, Stylz, Kam, and introducing Wolfpac Records artists, Shae Fiol, and Merciless Styles.

The album to be released April 16, 2002 will be executive produced by James "J Ro" Robinson (Tha Liks) and partner Harlan "Wolf" Morgan for Wolfpac Records. "Troutman's musical influence totally changed the sound of West Coast hip-hop. Every rapper and producer I know felt a loss from his sudden death, so it was no problem getting MCs especially from the west coast and mid-west to bounce on the tribute album," explains J Ro. His partner and co-CEO, Wolf of Wolfpac Records, adds, "Wolfpac Records is honored to do this album. J Ro planted the seed and the artists' watered it, but Roger Troutman provided the light. We felt it was our duty to pay tribute to the pioneer of the talkbox; hence Still Mo' Bounce, a hip-hop classic was cultivated. Roger was the innovator of a funky unique sound that all of Hip-Hop has come to embrace. "

Still Mo' Bounce, is very different from Tribute To Roger Troutman released in 2000 including new songs recorded by a who's who of west coast hip-hop, whereas Tribute To Roger featured previously released catalog songs from artist who either sampled Zapp & Roger Troutman or did remakes of his work. "Most of the songs from this album will be heard for the first time with the exception of Chico DeBarge's remake of "I Wanna Be Your Man" and "Slow & Easy" produced by G-Blacc. "Rather than reproduce what Troutman has already created, we chose to produce an interpretation of the sound Roger Troutman and Zapp made popular. He's the originator of the talkbox, and handclap sound that laid the foundation for G Funk hip-hop," explains J Ro.

Wolfpac Records will release two songs simultaneously from the album, the first "Party Started" featuring J Ro and Daz produced by Blaqtoven will be introduced to the clubs; while the other a remake "I Wanna Be Your Man" produced by Chico DeBarge and performed by DeBarge and newcomer, Shae Fiol will be shipped to radio programmers. Rass Kass, Kam, Tash, B-Real, and Spice hook up on the Battlecat produced, "Still More Bounce;" while Ice T, Xzibit, and Kurupt "Get On Down" a beat produced by Likwit Crew producer, E-Swift. Snoop Dogg, Tray Dee, and 4-Tay "Throw It Up," with Roger himself on the last song recorded by Troutman before his untimely demise.

Lead vocalist and guitarist for funk outfit, Zapp, the multi-talented instrumentalist, Roger Troutman, played bass, keyboard, guitar, and made popular the '70's gadget, the talkbox, a box with a mouthpiece connected to the keyboard synthesizer which distorts the voice, creating a robotic, computerized sound. The sound of Roger Troutman and Zapp has influenced producers from Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, E-Swift, Battlecat, and Erick Sermon bringing electronic funk, melody and texture to hip-hop. "More Bounce to The Ounce" one of the first tunes sampled from Roger Troutman's catalog was used by EPMD for "You Gots To Chill" and has been sampled by countless of other producers. Tupac's album All Eyez On Me with the song "California Love" featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman was nominated for the 1997 Grammy for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group. 2Pac sampled Troutman again on the classic "Keep Your Head Up."

Born in Hamilton, OH, a small town outside of Dayton November 29, 1952 into a musical family. Roger and his brother, Larry founded Zapp in 1975 along with their other brothers Lester and Terry Troutman. By the early 80's, the group became an important part of the funk scene. Although Zapp yielded Troutman hits like "Dance Floor," and "Computer Love" and "More Bounce To The Ounce", it was his "I Want To Be Your Man" (number one R&B, number three pop, fall 1987), from his solo album that granted Troutman his first #1 crossover hit. The electric funk bump n' grind classic "Computer Love (Pt.1)" featuring Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson peaked at number eight R&B in late 1986.

Zapp had several hits for Warner Bros. Records during the '80s: "More Bounce to the Ounce" was a smash hit on the R&B charts (number two R&B for two weeks, fall 1980) and even entered the top 20 on the pop charts. "More Bounce" would become one of the most heavily sampled songs of all time. Troutman's "Greatest Hits Package" released in 1994 went platinum. In 1996 a "Greatest Hits II" package was released and a successful world tour followed. Zapp and Roger were poised for a strong comeback and began spending more time in the studio to record their next album. Tragically on April 25, 1999, Roger (47) was fatally shot by his brother Larry (54) in an alley behind their recording studio in Dayton following a dispute. Consumed with grief, Larry Troutman, took his own life minutes later.

Troutman left behind a legacy of hits and G-Funk disciples. Still Mo' Bounce will be released on Wolfpac Records [owned by James Robinson (J-Ro) and Harlan Morgan (Wolf)] on April 16th. Wolfpac Records artist Shae Fiol, Merciless Stylz, and John Wells (Wolfpac Records producer) are featured on several tracks from the tribute album.

Roger Troutman and Zapp Discography

Zapp Discography
1980 Zapp (11.97)
1982 Zapp II (11.97)
1983 Zapp III (Import) (19.99)
1984 The New Zapp IV U (11.97)
1989 Zapp V (Import) (23.97)
1994 All the Greatest Hits (14.99)
1996 Compilation: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 & More (14.99)

Roger Discography
1976 (as Roger & The Human Body) Introducing Roger
1981 The Many Facets of Roger
1984 The Saga Continues
1987 Unlimited!
1991 Bridging the Gap
2000 Various Artists Tribute To Roger Troutman (14.49)

Artist Quotes

"Roger's music is a part of the backbone of hip-hop along with James Brown and George Clinton, so I didn't have to think twice about being part of this tribute album." - Ice T

"The man defined Westcoast hip-hop with his sound, music, and his Talkbox. There's countless numbers of records that have been made off this man's art. So we're givin it up for you one more time, If it wasn't for you, Big Dogg, we wouldn"t be here, alot of us anyway! Rest in Peace Roger." - Xzibit

"I'm settin' it off for the Funk Doctor, the Original Funk Doctor. Ya know he's from my home state Ohio, so it's only right that we're make it happen for the love of the music. Roger Troutman put contributed so much to hip-hop, especially on the west coast and in the mid-west. He brought sounds, grooves, dance floor classics, and whole lot of funk into hip-hop music. We're about to rep Roger right with the megamix and new 2002 megablast. The legacy continues with Tha Likwit Crew and all its affiliates at Wolfpac Records." - E-Swift of Tha Liks

"I idolize him because he made the music we live by to this day. Gangbangin' man! Every Gangbanger you know; put some Roger on, some ZAPP; the party over wit!!! He was the biggest musical influence in our lives from "More Bounce" & just everything he dropped." I'm sure all of California will back me up on that. Dogg Pound Gangstas are given it up for ROGER!!!!" - Kurupt

Still Mo'Bounce

Album instores on Wolfpac Records April 16, 2002
Executive produced by James Robinson (J Ro of Tha Liks) and Harlan Morgan (Wolf)]

Partial Tracklisting

Song Title Producer Featuring

1. "Party Started" Blaqtoven J Ro & Dazz
2. "I Wanna Be Your Man" Chico DeBarge Chico DeBarge featuring Shae Fiol
3. "Throw It Up" Tony G Snoop, Tray D, 4-Tay, Roger Troutman
4. "Let Me C' Ya" Bo Dozier Lil Bo & Salim
5. "Still Mo' Bounce" Battlecat Rass Kass, Kam, Tash, B-Real, Spice1
6. "Bad Days" William Calhoun Defari, Phil Da Agony, Merciless Stylz
7. "Slow & Easy" G Blac Mirror featuring Tasha Scott
8. "Sweat" J Ro J Ro
9. "Crushed Grapes" J Wells J Wells, Merciless Stylz, K Boogs
10. "Just For You" G Blac Merciless Stylz & G Blacc
11. "Get On Down" E Swift Ice T, Xzibit, Kurupt, Mac Mall
12. "Brokenhearted" Wally Ali Myeasha Meks & Wally Ali

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