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FAQs on 'Sex And The City'
Source: canoe.ca
Posted on: May 27, 2008 07:42 MST
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Sex And The City

Welcome today to Ask Dr. Sex, a public service FAQ (frequently-asked-questions) column about Sex And The City on the occasion of the long-awaited movie (long-awaited by women and gay men, anyway).

Bear in mind that Dr. Sex is a straight male, and most of my answers will be some variation of I don't know, but it will be an I don't know based on extensive interviews in New York City with the principals.

Q. Where did Carrie Bradshaw come from?

A. I don't know. "We never talk about where she came from," says Carrie's real-life alter-ego, Sarah Jessica Parker. "We never talk about her parents, her past, her siblings. But she's not from New York. That's why Louise (Jennifer Hudson) is in this movie, because she came to New York (from St. Louis) with this same idea of what New York symbolizes -- love, architecture, romance, satisfaction. People that come to this city, they make their own families. They're New Yorkers, it just didn't happen at birth."

Q. How does Carrie afford her great apartment in Manhattan on a newspaper columnist's salary?

A. I don't know. "When I was broke and living in New York City, no one ever had any money, but we always went out to dinner," says director/writer Michael Patrick King. "It's, like, crazy physics. I don't know how much she really makes. There was an episode where she goes to buy an apartment and she can't get a loan because she only has $800 in the bank. And that's the closest we got to talking about money."

Q. How did Carrie meet her friends Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte?

A. I don't know. "They just appeared like mystical goddesses," King says. "I never even thought about it, except that they didn't all meet one at a time. I think she collected them, maybe like Dorothy."

Q. King wrote a 350-page first movie script that was eventually whittled down by 200 pages. What got cut?

A. "There was a very beautiful storyline about Miranda and Steve's mother, the idea being when somebody's in your life, all of them are in your life for better or worse. There was a great, fun storyline where Charlotte had a nanny who was 21 and didn't wear a bra. And she was from Ireland and they called her Erin Go Bra-less. And (in an eating disorder subplot) Samantha had a client called Jenny Lynn, whom the tabloids called Thinny Thin."

Q. Do Parker, Cynthia Nixon (Miranda), Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Kim Cattrall (Samantha) actually dislike each other behind the scenes?

A. Not that I could tell. They would burst in on each other's interviews, hugging and telling each other, "You look great!" -- "No, you look great!" After Cattrall walked away from her hug, Davis said, "She looks so girly today!"

"Could you please share this with people?" Davis says. "It's out of control this (feuding) stuff. If anyone could see these private interactions, all that stuff would go away. But we want to keep these interactions private, so it's this weird thing."


Q. Do they really wear Mahnolo Blahnik shoes? Haven't those become declasse? (This is where Dr. Sex received help from a colleague, Meghan Cleary -- a.k.a. shoe expert and television personality Miss Meghan -- who shared our round-robin interview sessions and helped me understand the lingo so it no longer sounded like "Blah blah blah Blahnik blah blah Jimmy Choo blah blah Prada.")

A. Only Cynthia Nixon professes to wear them. "I have a pair of black Mahnolo Blahniks with an open toe. I can wear them with everything."

Davis is actually reluctant to answer the question. "The challenge is if you name somebody, you're gonna upset people who lend us things. How do you think we get all this stuff?" she says with a laugh. That said, her fave shoes are a pair of graffiti-covered Christian Louboutin flats she picked up in Texas. "For some reason, people there must not want to wear graffiti shoes, because I got them at a great price. Sarah Jessica scolds me now because they're so scuffed, I wear them so much."

Parker's favourite footwear is a pair of leather Greek flipflops she bought for $6 and has since spent hundreds of dollars to keep together.

And Cattrall? "I went shopping about a week ago and I bought these beautiful Christian Diors, no discount, open toe and open back. It's almost a Bottega Veneta weave, black with a little lace in front. And you can wear them with jeans or a casual dress. I like to travel and I keep my Uggs on the side."

She had me at "jeans."

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