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Tony Yayo Doles Out Props To Lil' Wayne
Source: hhnlive.com
Posted on: May 27, 2008 07:20 MST
Filed under: Rap

Tony Yayo

In their up-coming interview with HHNLive.com, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks dole out props to some interesting names and speak on why G-Unit will never fall off.

When asked who he was feeling in the game right now, Tony Yayo let it be known.

"Of course like right now the buzz Lil Wayne’s got...I think he deserves it. He’s been in the game for a long time and it’s good to see him shining. I like Rick Ross, Plies, you know I love Snoop. It’s not like we hate these guys we listen to them."

Lloyd Banks had some interesting answers as well.

"At the moment I got Prodigy's album in my car “H.N.I.C. 2" . That’s like one of the hardest albums out to me. Wayne is doing his thing right now from another lane. Lupe Fiasco is doing his thing from another lane. It’s some new artists too if you pay attention to youtube and everything that’s going on. The whole Philly they got like a hundred rappers right now..."

And when asked why G-Unit would avoid the pitfalls of Rap crews like Roc-A-Fella and Ruff Ryders before them, Yayo had this to say.

"I know Tupac and Biggie must be turning in they graves the way hip-hop has changed. I look at hip-hop as how many mixtapes you been on, mixtape awards, any kind of plaques in your house, I look at the body of work you put out through your career. I look at LL as a major icon he been doing it since 85. Do you realize how many times you need to switch your style up to still be doing it? Like I said now these days it’s just different, but G-Unit will never fall off. We put out “Elephant in The Sand”, “Return of the Body Snatchers” we took “Rider” Part 2 off the mixtape and it went into radio rotation. Basically to me it’s on the street, the street is what made us not radio...you got to do radio and stuff like that to let people know your record is out. The most important part though is the streets nigga, what the streets like. The label can’t determine what your single’s going to be."
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