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Miley Cyrus Didn't Know People Would Look at VF Pics "Like That"
Posted on: May 23, 2008 11:09 MST
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Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus feels the pressure of fame – especially after Vanity Fair published a semi-topless photo of the 15-year-old, according to co-star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

"Sometimes I'll talk to her on the phone and she'll be like, 'It's really hard' or 'I'm really tired. I can't do this,'" Perez de Tagle told E!

"But I'll always say, 'You do want to do this. You love your job.' And she's like, 'Yeah,'" the actress added.

The Vanity Fair portrait "really hurt her inside," said Perez de Tagle. "She didn’t know that people would look at it like that."

After Cyrus apologized and said she was embarrassed when the photo was released, Bill O'Reilly blamed her dad for putting "her into a situation where she becomes, at 15, a sex symbol."

Production is under way for the Hannah Montana movie, which hits screens in 2009.  

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