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John Mccain Takes Case To Essence.Com
Source: eurweb.com
Posted on: May 21, 2008 06:10 MST
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*Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain sat down with Essence editor, Tatsha Roberston, to address his plans for black America, his views on Senator Barack Obama and his plans for the White House.       

       Below are excerpts from the full article “No Man Apart,” posted at www.essence.com.

On the education gap between White and Black children:

• “We have an unacceptable situation in America today where lower-income people do not have the same access to the quality education that higher-income people have. We tried busing, but that didn’t work. So now we have to bring in new programs, which will improve education standards and choice and work with teachers…. But we also have to act at the federal level, update the No Child Left Behind Act. The No Child Left Behind Act was a good beginning, in my view. Those who want to scrap it completely—I respectfully disagree. But now we have learned the lessons of the first five or six or seven years of putting No Child Left Behind into practice. So let’s fix it, because it’s clear we have a two-tiered system of education in America.”

On addressing Black America:

• “I went to Selma and stood at the Edmund Pettus Bridge and talked about the need to include “forgotten Americans.” I will never as long as I live forget the beautiful women of Gees Bend, Alabama, with the quilts. They were singing spirituals. On the first occasion I could find in the White House I would have them sing again. It was so moving. There was a woman there who was 91 years old. Can you imagine the environment she lived in when she was 21? And yet, this woman was full of hope, compassion and forgiveness. But does that mean in my campaign I am going to get a majority of the African-American vote? Probably not. But what it does mean, what I’ve committed to, is assuring and promising all Americans whether they vote for me or not, I am going to be their president. Americans are sick and tired of partisanship and divisions along party lines that cause gridlock and frustration and lack of addressing the issues that confront America.”

On Senator Obama’s decision to meet with Iranian President:

• “… I do believe when Senator Obama wants to sit down across from the president of Iran who is dedicated to the extinction of the state of Israel and whose country is providing weapons that are killing young Americans in Iraq, that is bent on acquisition of nuclear weapons, then I would not sit down and have unconditional talks with him. I think Senator Obama is not experienced, otherwise he would not make that judgment.”

On race and Senator Obama:

• “First I would like to say I respect Senator Obama enormously, and the effect he has had on Americans, including young Americans and the level of enthusiasm he inspires. The differences we have are simply differences in political philosophy. Already I have strongly objected to and condemned some messages that have been put out against Senator Obama’s character or have any overtones that are not appropriate for the United States.”

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