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Tom Cruise: 25 Years Of Movie Stardom
Posted on: May 9, 2008 08:58 MST
Filed under: Celebs, Gossip

Tom Cruise

His couch-jumping antics and a few other risky businesses might have turned a lot of female admirers off, but with 25 years in the business, can anyone really doubt Tom Cruise's showbiz powers?

You'd seen him singing and dancing in his dress shirt and briefs in "Risky Business" or hanging on a cord while on an impossible mission. He even got you at hello in "Jerry Maguire." Admit it, you can recall at least one memorable scene or dialogue from most of his movies. So how, in a sudden turnaround, did he manage to turn his own fans against him?

Yeah, the couch-jumping incident at Oprah's was a bit too much (marrying Katie Holmes a few months later in a blown up fairy tale ceremony didn't help). And the anti-depressant drugs debate with Matt Lauer and fellow 80s star Brooke Shields was really over the top. But as Cruise explains almost three years later, "It was a moment, and it was real."

As the 45-year-old Cruise celebrates his 25 years in the business, he is trying to reclaim what is rightfully his: your trust and admiration. He even returned to the scene of the crime - at Oprah's couch, opened his home to the queen of talk's loyal viewers, and tried to act calm and collected as opposed to the arrogant figure he had once projected.

Because if he can't get your heart back by marrying his third wife and showing off his daughter Suri, then maybe just explaining himself would.

Admit it, he is entertaining. He has been entertaining ever since he first stepped into the movie industry and he still is now. He is, undeniably, a movie star.

And as for "The Last Great Movie Star" that is George Clooney, can you recall any movie scene from which he had starred in?

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