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Vivid Offers Challenge To Jimi Hendrix Family To Prove Sex Tape Is Not Real
Source: ballerstatus.com
Posted on: May 8, 2008 08:19 MST
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Jimi Hendrix

News of a sextape featuring late rock legend, Jimi Hendrix, sweeped the net last week, and stirred up a lot of controversy regarding the authenticity of the video clip shown by the DVD's producer, Vivid Entertainment.

Shortly after Vivid issued a press release for the DVD, titled "Jimi Hendrix: The Sex Tape," "Jimi Hendrix: The Sex Tape"
Photo: VividExperience Hendrix, LLC -- the family company of the legendary guitarist -- publicly denied a tape existed, and also denied that the footage seen of Hendrix and two unidentified brunette actually showed the rock icon.

However, Vivid has offered a challenge to the Hendrix family, offering them $100,000 if they are able to prove that Hendrix is not the "star" of the tape.

"The press release/statement from Experience Hendrix proves nothing," said Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. "Vivid took considerable time and spent a substantial sum of money to authenticate the footage and we are very comfortable that this is the real thing. We believe that those who say otherwise are relying on their emotions to make unsubstantiated claims. If Experience Hendrix can prove definitively that it's not Jimi Hendrix on this footage then we will pay them $100,000."

Vivid offered that some of the so-called experts that have stepped forward to comment on the authenticity of the footage have never even met Hendrix. Meanwhile, a former close associate of the musician, who was with him almost every day for two full years says there is no doubt the controversial tape depicts the late rock 'n roll icon having sex with the women.

"I'm positive that we are viewing the real Jimi Hendrix," said Neville Chesters, road manager for Hendrix in the late 60s. "We were all jealous of Jimi's sex life at the time and we were accustomed to seeing him frequently go to his room at night with an entourage of women we called his 'Band of Gypsys,' the same name of his 1969 recording."

"The late 60s were socially, sexually and politically charged times. The footage in the Vivid movie looks as if it was shot in about 1968. It would have been difficult to get explicit film processed commercially in the U.S. back then, no less of a bi-racial sex act. So this film was probably developed in Germany and kept hidden because of how incendiary its release could have been," he continued.

The adult film is available online at Vivid.com for $39.95, and is also available at retail stores nationwide.

A trailer can be viewed at HendrixSexTape.com

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