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D.O.A. still angry 30 years later
Source: canoe.ca
Posted on: May 7, 2008 07:41 MST
Filed under: Rock


Last Friday, Joe Keithley was scheduled to endure a root canal. But, he proudly reports, the 51-year-old punk rock legend's choppers received a stay.

"That was a break," the founder of Vancouver's hardcore pioneers D.O.A. says. "You know, the D.O.A. dental plan has always just been, 'Look out for the microphone.' "

That plan has been in effect for 30 years, and counting. That's 30 years of loud, proud and snotty politically savvy rhetoric delivered rapid-fire style, as rock 'n' roll nature intended.

And three decades at the forefront of punk rock's problem child calls for a celebration, one that in true D.O.A. style, involves a trek across the Great White North, complete with a sweaty stop Friday night at the Dominion Tavern.

And what has Keithley, who twice ran for the B.C. legislature, learned from those 30 years of spreading the word?

"When I started playing I thought the world was a screwed-up place," Keithley deadpans. "I just didn't realize until later how screwed-up.

"But I've held the same beliefs throughout -- be your own boss, think for yourself and try to effect some positive change in this world."

For that, he admits "D.O.A. has been the perfect soapbox."

And this summer, the band will again speak loudly, thanks to a nearly completed new album that pits the veteran lo-fi punks with bombastic producer Bob Rock.

Yes, Bob Rock.

"I know what you're thinking," Keithley says. "But Bob has a great ear for big albums and tough-sounding guitars, which is what I think of when I think of D.O.A. Yeah, he produced Bon Jovi and I hate Bon Jovi. But he also produced Metallica and I like Metallica. Plus, he produced The Cult, who fall somewhere in between."

Rock also, Keithley adds, played a role behind the board for two early D.O.A. singles. So, 30 years on, it's only fair to give the kid a chance to shine.

After all, D.O.A. is in no hurry to think about a retirement plan.


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