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CSI Star Denies Drugs Belonged to Him
Posted on: May 3, 2008 05:28 MST
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Gary Dourdan

CSI star Gary Dourdan claims the drugs he was caught with earlier this week didn't belong to him.

The actor, 41, was arrested for drug possession early Monday in Palm Springs, Calif., after police found him asleep in his car, which was parked on the wrong side of the road. When officers searched his vehicle, they found cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and other prescription drugs.

Dourdan says he was returning from the Coachella Music Festival, where he got some people into a V.I.P. section. An after-party left him "ragged," he said, so he pulled over to sleep.

"I’m glad pulling over did prevent a DUI," he said in an e-mail to Access Hollywood. "I recommend not driving at all, but a little kip [nap] is always good (on either side of the road LOL).

"I am blessed that the Sgt. realized that the luggage carrying whatever they found was not mine and that my tests have been coming back negative," Dourdan continued. "I've been happy to cooperate in any way to clear myself and go on with my blessed life."

Dourdan -- who is not returning to CSI next season -- also apologized to his fans. (He was set to present Taylor Swift with an award at Hollywood Life magazine’s 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards last week, as CSI is one of her favorite shows.)

"I am so sorry to all my fans, especially the young ones, like Taylor Swift, who I should've been supporting with my daughter instead of driving tired in the desert," he said.

"I am planning events to get the word out that you don’t need a bunch of nasty chemicals to have a good time," he added. "Just good friends, family, good music and a good honest spirit full of faith."

He is to be arraigned May 28.  

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