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50 Cent Sheds Light On Young Buck's Money Problems, "He Lives Like A Drug Dealer"
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: April 18, 2008 09:39 MST
Filed under: Rap, Underground

50 Cent

After recently dumping Young Buck from his G-Unit click, SOHH caught up with hip-hop mogul 50 Cent to discuss the rumors surrounding Buck's dismissal.

Last week 50 called into New York radio station Hot 97 to officially drop the rapper from G-Unit. Since making the big announcement, Fif told SOHH exclusively he has not spoken to Buck.

"He can hear it from the radio like everybody else," he proclaimed.

As SOHH previously reported, one of the major disputes between both rappers was over comments Buck made, in which he claimed he never received any royalties from 50.

"That was a shocker from Young Buck," 50 said. "The last thing that I felt would ever be even said would be that [the members of G-Unit] weren't paid because they actually were overpaid. My concept for being able to continuously win championship games is to keep the players fed."

Fif blames Young Buck's lack of money on excessive spending.

"He lives like a drug dealer," he said. "When the artist spends excessively to the point where he doesn't actually have that money anymore, out of desperation he says whatever he can say to try and fix situations."

50 also denied the rumors that he was pocketing Buck's royalty checks in order to collect money he loaned the Ten-A-Key rapper to bail him out of tax trouble. While he confirmed that he loaned the rapper money, he said he never tried to make good on the loan.

"No, I never took a royalty check to recoup for anything," he revealed. "Yeah, he had tax trouble. I helped him like I helped everybody else."

"With Buck there was points where it was up to $330,000 that I had loaned out to him [and] he continued to spend the way that he would regularly spend," he added.

Though he was still indebted to 50, the Queens-bred rapper said that over time Buck was pulling away from G-Unit creatively and worked hard to establish his own label, Cashville Records.

50 says Buck's dismissal had nothing to do with the launch of the label and that he "encouraged" it. He says the same of former G-Unit member The Game. "If it was up to me Black Wall Street would've existed with Game being cool with G-Unit."

G-Unit's sophomore album, Terminate On Site is scheduled to hit stores on June 24th.

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