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Racism Blamed For Lack Of Bey-Jay Mag Covers
Source: eurweb.com
Posted on: April 14, 2008 07:33 MST
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Beyonce and Jay-Z

*Of the big five celebrity glossies out midweek, only Us Weekly put news of Beyonce and Jay-Z's wedding on the cover. The others chose instead to feature Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston, notes New York Daily News columnist Ben Widdicombe.

       He says one top editor blames the lack of attention on the notion that "African-Americans don't sell covers."            

       "None of the magazines landed an exclusive on wedding pictures, which would have made the story bigger," Widdicombe quoted of one tabloid insider, justifying why Beyoncé was relegated to a small cover box on his magazine.      

       But even wedding photos make less money for black stars, another source stated.      

       "Eva Longoria can get $1 million for wedding photos, but without the expectation of cover sales, Beyoncé might have gotten as little as $250,000 if she had sold hers," says a top editor.      

       Magazine publisher and black gossip pioneer Flo Anthony responds: "That sounds to me a very racist statement. Beyoncé is one of the biggest stars in the world, much bigger than Eva Longoria."

       Another tabloid source says: "We have a saying, 'Only Oprah.' Oprah is the only black celebrity big enough to put on our cover."       

       But Us Weekly editor in chief Janice Min, the only non-Caucasian to helm a top celebrity magazine, told the columnist: "Janet Jackson has been on our cover twice, for two of our best-selling issues we've ever had."       

       She acknowledges there is a perception in her industry that black stars don't sell covers, but adds: "Typically, you will hear that discussion among a group of all-white editors." 

       Meanwhile, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has had their issues with Beyonce for choosing to wear furs. But the animal rights group, who once accosted her with video footage of slaughtered animals, has reportedly forgiven the artist and actually sent her a wedding gift.

      In a press release, PETA announced they've decided to call a truce after noting that she hasn't worn animal skin all winter. Among the gifts at her recent wedding was a peace offering from the organization, along with a note.

      “From all of us at PETA, we wish you much happiness in your life together," the message read. "Please accept this faux-fur throw with many good wishes and a hope from us that together, you’ll be a fur-free couple!”

      In a statement, PETA Senior VP Lisa Lange called Beyonce “a real ‘dreamgirl’ for fur-bearing animals."

      In other wedding news, Rihanna said she had no idea that her former boss at Def Jam had exchanged vows with Beyonce last week.

       "I didn't know!" she told People at the Escada Moon Sparkle/Island Def Jam benefit for her Believe Foundation and DKMS, the world's largest bone marrow donor center. "No one knew!"

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