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Carrie Underwood Goes Back To American Idol And Gives Back
Source: World Entertainment News Network
Posted on: April 7, 2008 06:10 MST
Filed under: Pop, Country

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has come along way from her early days on American Idol. Last night Hollyscoop caught up with her backstage at the "Idol Gives Back". Carrie mentioned she was happy to be back, ' it's always great to be back to Idol, every time you turn around there's people that you haven't seen in forever, and anytime they want
me to do anything I'm here for it and of course tonight is a wonderful thing to be a part of'.

Although Carrie is on tour, she tries to make time to watch the hit TV show that started her career. Carrie went on to talk about this years contestants, 'I think they're Great, I'm not going to say a favorite, they don't need that they're all putting it out there doing the best job they can.'

In regards to giving tips to the contestants Carrie said, 'Leave it all out there, do the best you can, they already know that I don't think there was anything anyone could have told me to prepare me, but if you have any questions I'm here'.

Carrie went on to talk about Simon Cowell and his outspoken ways. ' Somebody's gotta do it, he's not the bad guy but that's what he's there for, it always drives me nuts when contestants stand there and argue with him, I'm like that's what he's paid to do, I took it so you stand up there and you take it, take it like a man'.

You can catch Carrie take on the stage this Wednesday for Idol Gives Back where she will be singing 'Praying for time' originally sung by George Michael. 'When they asked me to be apart of this again, (I thought) its not about self promoting, its not about singing your latest single, its not about trying to be the most downloaded on itunes, its all about getting people to call in and do something, and that's a song that ive always loved and always loved the message, and it took me forever to be able to sing it through without crying and I know if that song makes me feel that way that it might make other people feel that way as well and make them feel strongly about doing something'.
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