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Diddy Discusses Life After LA Times Story
Source: eurweb.com
Posted on: April 7, 2008 09:22 MST
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Sean "Diddy" Combs is trying to move past false allegations leveled by a story in the Los Angeles Times that stated he and another man had prior knowledge of a plan to ambush Tupac Shakur in 1994.

The newspaper and writer Chuck Philips have since apologized for the story and admitted it was based on falsified documents. Still, the Bad Boy CEO said the ordeal hurt his feelings.

"I've been through so much; hip-hop has been through so much; Biggie's, Tupac's [families] have been through so much," he told MTV News at the glitzy introduction of his newest protégé Janelle Monae. "To rehash the lies and just rumors like that, I didn't understand where that was coming from. I knew that I would never — me and Biggie would never be involved, or even have any knowledge of that. Because if we have knowledge of something, we the type of people that's gonna warn somebody, we're gonna tell somebody. It just really hurt."       

Diddy said he did admire how quickly the Times came forward to apologize for getting the story wrong.  The power of one article to change his perception so quickly was frustrating, he said, but it caused him to think about advice once given to him by his grandmother.       

"Just knowing how people in this day and age, what they read online and what they see in the papers, they just take it as fact," Diddy explained. "It's like, come on, I been working so hard to rise above all of this stuff, and to see it now trying to pull me back down."       

"[But] I stayed focused," he continued. "I was still. My grandmother told me, 'Be still.' No matter what it feels like, be still. And I was still and then the truth came out the way it was to come out. I didn't jump up and down about it. I let them give the apology and let people go back to the things they need to be focusing on about me, which is the No. 1 albums I'm dropping with Danity Kane and Day26, No. 1 fragrances, Janelle Monae, making this black history. And that's what it's about. But it's important to really deal with things however they come at you. And I've always done that my whole life and just always told the truth."       

Unlike Jimmy Rosemond, who was accused in Philips' story of plotting Tupac's shooting, Diddy isn't calling for the Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer to be fired.       

"It's so ridiculous for me, I'm not even giving no energy to it," Diddy said. "I don't wish anybody no ill will. I'm just glad the truth came out. I can't even really justify it with no more energy, so I don't even wanna talk about it no more."       

As far as legal action, Diddy said: "I don't know what I'll do; I can't say what I'll do. I'm just moving on."

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