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Benzino Recalls Past Relationship W/ 50 Cent, Denies Fat Joe Photoshop Rumors
Contributed by: Thomas A. Harden
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: April 6, 2008 09:33 MST
Filed under: Rap, Underground


Hip-Hop Weekly publisher Raymond "Benzino" Scott is back to set the record straight. In an exclusive with SOHH the former Source owner reveals an interesting experience he shared with rival 50 Cent back in 2000 and also addresses recent allegations made by Fif regarding certain photoshopped images.

In an interview with MTV last week, 50 (born Curtis Jackson) rejected rumors that the altered images that appeared on the fake Hip-Hop Weekly cover of Benzino with Fat Joe's wife, was his doing. Instead Fif blamed Zino and HHW, implying the publication printed the altered image to stir controversy between the rival rappers.

Insulted that 50 would insinuate Hip-Hop Weekly would publish such an image, Benzino phoned in to SOHH to clear the air.

"50 is real cunning at what he does," Benzino told SOHH. "I'm not into photoshopping. What him and Joe got going on- is between him and Joe. I don't have nothing to do with that. I think [50] just wanted to answer that, just to see if there was a division between me and Joe, which there isn't."

On March 24, 2000, outside of New York's defunct recording studio Hit Factory, the heated rivalry between Murder Inc. and a then up and coming 50 Cent, took a turn for the worse when an altercation ensued between Ja Rule's and 50's camps, resulting in Fif being stabbed by Ramel "Black Child" Gill, a rapper affiliated with the Inc.

Three males, including Fif were treated for stab wounds at Roosevelt hospital.

Today, it is still unclear on what exactly transpired that night, as both camps have released conflicting accounts, but Zino revealed to SOHH that after the brawl, he aided Mr. Jackson and made sure the embattled rapper arrived at the hospital safely.

"The first-time I met 50 was when the situation at the Hit Factory had happened with him and Murder Inc," Benzino recalled. "I was with the Made Men and we were recording at Sony studios which was a couple of buildings down. One of the guys from the group, Mr. Jesus, had bought 50 in. At that time he came down and said [50] wanted to meet me or whatever, so he came in the lounge and showed us he got stabbed.

At the time, Benzino only knew of Fif through his producers Tone and Poke. According to Benzino, a wounded 50 stepped into the studio to meet and greet him, but once he saw the rapper was hurt, he secured a vehicle for 50 to take.

"We had a car service when I was with the Source at the time," he explained, "and I called [50] a car and sent him on his way. Everything was good. We haven't spoken to each other since, with the whole Source and Eminem thing. I guess it was really impossible for the communication to take place."

According to Benzino, he and 50 shared a mutual respect for one another. The two actually spoke about collaborating on a track.

"I saw him in Puerto Rico," Zino recalled. "I guess that was the time he just signed with Eminem. [50] came over and gave me a hug and said 'what up.' We started talking about doing a track together through Sha Money. [But] once the Eminem thing took place, all of that fell apart."

Today, Benzino looks to keep the nonsense in the past, but he believes the damage, which ensued between him and Em, may have forever sealed any future reconciliation.

"I'm a keep it 100, there's so much damage and so much bullsh*t as far as his side of the fence and my side of the fence, I don't see that happening," Benzino explains. "[But] I'm not one of these *ssholes. I'm always for the bigger picture."

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