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T.I. Breaks Code Of Silence? Tupac Vs. B.I.G, Who's The Best Athlete To Rap?
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: March 31, 2008 08:38 MST
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In this week's Speak On It forum everyone has an opinion about T.I. getting off easy, "Brooklyn's Finest" vs "2 of America's Most Wanted" and which Athletes have the most skills on the mic.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]


With the recent revelation that T.I. will be sentenced to one year in prison and 1500 hours of community service, SOHH forum users are asking, "Did T.I. snitch to get a light sentence?"

Stillz thinks so, "Let's be real, T.I. could barely afford bail money. He needed money from his record label to post bail. I think it was a milly and he didn't have it."

Meanwhile DominicanKid disagrees, "No. Social class > race. And T.I seems like a smart guy."

Is T.I. really a snitch? State your opinion here.

Tough Call

Pitting Tupac against Notorious B.I.G once again, forum users asked, which super collaboration record is better, "Brooklyn's Finest" or "2 Of Amerikas Most Wanted"?

According to IntantKlassik, "The production alone on AMW puts it ahead of "Brooklyn's Finest". Not to mention you have the "greatest rapper ever" on it. This is a no brainer."

The Aftermath said it's a toss-up, "Production on 2 of AMW's is better than BK's Finest. Lyrically, BK's Finest wins. Tough call overall, I guess it depends on what type of song I'm in the mood for. Both are 5/5 tracks though."

Which record do you prefer? Vote here.

Pros & Cons

From Shaquille O'Neal's Shaq-Fu to Roy Jones Jr., Bodyhead Bangerz when the worlds of sports and music collide the outcome has been mixed at best. SOHH forum users asked, "Can you name an athlete that made a good record or can actually rap?"

Shaq was a forum favorite but Danja 29 doesn't see why, "Shaq was hot garbage and any song of his that was even tolerable was because someone talented was featured on it."

Shaq's rival, Kobe Bryant got the nod from Panama Jesus, who said "Kobe Bryant spit some hot fiya wit Beanie Sigel (Philly's Finest)."

Street Sweeper mentioned "Allen Iverson - 40 Bars ......pure Crack! He killed it."

Which athlete do you think held it down as a rapper?

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