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Eminem Whipped, Young Buck Gypped, Jay-Z's Mack Game Exposed, Suge Knight Ready For TV
Contributed by: Archie Fucque
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: March 28, 2008 08:14 MST
Filed under: Rap, Underground


In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Suge Knight handling some unfinished business, Young Buck claiming 50 Cent G-G-G-Gypped him out of his royalties, Eminem getting called out by GQ magazine and Jay-Z's super ugly revelation.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. All Eyez On Me. It appears Suge Knight is trying to cash in on his controversial lifestyle with a new reality show, "Unfinished Business." The infamous music mogul is pitching his project to anyone that's interested in his crusade to launch a new music label Black Ball Records. A trailer for the show, that's made its way around the internet, definitely packs a punch. Knight takes aim at Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, while the competition to find the next hip-hop star literally becomes a knockdown, drag out affair. [Watch here]

Wow. That's "Must See TV." Despite being one of the shadiest characters ever, Suge's affinity for hip-hop hoopla makes for great TV. What other grown man is still out there tussling in the streets like a teenager?

2. f*ck U PayMe. Just when we though things were all good between Young Buck and 50 Cent, a new rift has come to light. Buck is claiming that Curtis and company owe him millions in back royalty checks. According to Yo! Raps, Buck says he has never received a royalty check from G-Unit or 50 and he makes his living off of performing.

Buck's manager Sha Money XL was quick to respond to the rapper's claim.

"There has been a new rumor going on that 50 Cent has not paid Young Buck any royalties," he said. "I as Buck's manager and as former President of G-Unit Records want to make clear that that rumor is false. Young Buck has cleared over $10 million from working under 50's and my guidance. I don't know if a writer waited 2 months from the interview to stir some new drama up or took his words wrong but Buck is waving the G-Unit flag strong. I also add that any talks of Buck signing to any other labels are false. People are playing on the divide and conquer card and that's not gonna work!"

Hmmm. Seems like Buck is waving that "G-Unit flag" at half staff. Is it high time to start mourning the end of G-Unit? Let me go draft my first version of the G-Eulogy.

3. Who You Whip? I'm certain we've all wondered what keeps Eminem going back to his ex-wife Kim Mathers. Well, the April issue of GQ magazine has the answer. Em made the magazine's list of "The 25 Most Whipped Men On the Planet." Here's what the publication had to say about Slim Shady being a sucker for love...

"You know a guy's in trouble when he marries the woman he's spent years openly fantasizing about killing, then he goes and marries her again."

Now without further ado here is Archie's "5 Most Whipped Men In Hip-Hop"

Lil' Wayne - The public displays of affection say it all. Eww! It's clear that Weezy F. Baby has eyes for no one else but his Baby.

Bow Wow - Lately the affection Bow Weezy has shown for his R&B diva Omarion has grown from simple puppy love.

Nas - As 50 so eloquently put it "Kelis said her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard then Nas went and tattooed the b*tch on his arm."

Papoose - Who said chivalry is dead? Pap got "the beats" put on him on behalf of his girl Remy Ma running her mouth. (Keep ya head up Remy)

Gucci Mane - (See Below)

Who makes your list?

But wait there's more relationship revelations. The secret to Jay-Z's mack game on Beyonce has been exposed. According to New York's Daily News, studies show that ugly men make better partners for hot women.

"A new study reveals that women who wed men who are uglier than they will have a happier marriage than those with a more attractive mate."

So excited by this news my man Tony Yayo asked me to pass a letter onto Alicia Keys.

Dear Alicia,

Ma I'm curious to know if I lick that spot, will it make your body shiver and your panties drop? Ya baby father is a lame, he a dead beat dad. I think it's messed up how you be having to go all the way to Africa by yourself to feed them kids. So you and your kids can come cruise in my Jag. Well its 50's Jag, he out of town this week though. You my boo like Usher and Alicia Keys. Why you ain't ask me to be on that record with you? I'm your boo. And every time that you touch me girl you please my needs. We like George and Weezy, let me touch them lips like Baby and Weezy, or Jada and Will. Let's shop till we drop out in Beverly Hills. Wait, I ain't get my royalty check yet. Maybe we could hit the swap meet on Crenshaw? I'm curious to know if you want me girl? If so ma lets fly the country girl. I'm not selling you a dream girl I'll give you the world. You want them furs and the minks and them diamond pearls? 50 has all that stuff laying around the house. I play dress up with them all the time. It's fun. Hit me back baby.

From your Boo


4. Ghetto Love

Speaking of whipped rappers, Gucci Mane has found love with video vixen Buffy The Body and he's willing to go to any length to prove it. Apparently a clip taken from Buffy's upcoming reality show popped up on the net and was spun in a negative light by a Gucci hater. Still, the couple's love can't be denied-or understood. [Watch here]

WTF. That sh*t needs subtitles. Only in the South can you dine shirtless in an eatery. LOL!

5. Caught In a Lie. After publishing an inflammatory article that Diddy and Jimmy Henchmen were involved in the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur, the LA Times has issued a public apology to all involved. The esteemed newspaper was forced to fess up after The Smoking Gun released a contradictory report that proved the Times story was forged from fraudulent documents. Times reporter Chuck Philips, the author of the bogus piece, claims that he was "duped" by a dishonest jailhouse informant.

Justice served! Props to The Smoking Gun, for pulling up the skirt of F*ck Philips and the LA Lies. This guy is the real life version of Scott Templeton, the shady newspaper guy from "The Wire" thankfully he didn't get away with it.

Aurevoir sal cons! Fucque forever!

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