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Wendy Williams Put On Blast, Beyonce's Ready For A Girl Fight, Brandy Catches Another Case
Contributed by: SOHH Soul Rebel
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: March 26, 2008 02:50 MST
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Wendy Williams

Hot off the press this week Wendy Williams experiences some domestic drama, Beyoncé like you've never seen her before, Brandy hit with another lawsuit, Jackson family jewels not worth much.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

What A Man

Radio talk show diva Wendy Williams is about to get a dose of her own medicine. The whole world is talking about Williams after an employee at her radio station WBLS 107.5 dropped a bombshell allegation on Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter. Nicole Spence, talent booker for the "Wendy Williams Experience" has filed an EEOC complaint against Wendy and Inner City Broadcasting claiming that Williams husband & manager Kevin Hunter "created a hostile working environment" by pressing her for sex and physically abusing Wendy at and near work.

"Mr. Hunter repeatedly sexually propositioned me at work in the most crude and vulgar ways, telling me over and over that he wanted to 'f- - -' me. I also feared Mr. Hunter because he repeatedly physically assaulted Ms. Williams at or near the WBLS studio.

To make matters worse the self-professed Queen of All Media " aided and abetted" her husband's harassment by offering to take Spence shopping so that she could dress like a "sexy little b*tch," as Hunter demanded. Williams outright denies the claim saying, "Her allegations are totally false. This b*tch is out of her mind."

Williams actually spoke to SOHH about domestic violence a few months ago. [Watch here]

Rebel Talking... Oh a b*tch is out her mind alright, but it's not Nicole Spence!

Ring The Alarm

Beyoncé is putting her mad face on blast, appearing in a new House of Dereon ad sporting an unattractive (not to mention weird) mean mug. [Click Here to See]. The ad, which has popped up during an unusual lull in Beyonce-mania had all the stans puzzled over what put B in such a foul mood. Turns out it wasn't anything that Rihanna did, but it was supposedly inspired by the poster for Brad Pitt/Ed Norton film Fight Club.

Rebel Talking... *Shrugs* The girl is probably getting ready for some film role... Lawd knows that chile needs plenty of preparation when she's trying to "act."

Bills, Bills, Bills

Fresh off a million dollar wrongful death suit singer/actress Brandy is now being hounded by the lawn man. According to WENN, Brandy has responded to a legal claim she owes a landscape gardener $3,576 by insisting she never received a bill and the amount has now been paid.

Rebel Talking ... The gardener ain't no fool. He saw folks lining up and said let me get mine before Brandy goes broke.

Down and Out

The same Jackson family that made their music fortune in the 70's and 80's is now broke. The New York Post reports that with exception of Janet Jackson, the Jackson brood has been hit with multiple bankruptcies, foreclosures and liens. Instead of retiring on their TV residuals, Marlon stocks groceries for Vons supermarket, Randy has been fixing cars at an L.A. garage and Tito plays guitar with a blues band, pulling in $500 to $1500 per gig. Times are so hard that Jackie, Randy and Jermaine still live with mom and pops while Marlon and his wife had to hole up in an extended stay hotel after their home was foreclosed.

The family can't look to Michael for help -- MJ is on the verge of losing both the Neverland Ranch and the family home in Encino, CA.

Rebel Talking... Plastic noses and chins aren't exactly the wisest investments. In the immortal words of Chris Tucker... damn Tito!

But while you were watching Bow Wowand Omarion exchange lusty glances, we were sending our condolences to Corrine Bailey Rae over the lost of her husband, drooling over "Meet The Browns" actor Lamman Rucker and shielding our eyes from Amy Winehouse's nude shoot.

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