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Lloyd Banks Stumbles To G-Unot Status, Diddy's Gangster Image, Rap Beef Beatdowns
Contributed by: Janelle Griffith
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: March 24, 2008 07:11 MST
Filed under: Rap, Underground

Lloyd Banks

In this week's Speak On It forum everyone has an opinion about Llyod Banks tarnishing the G-Unit name, Diddy being a down low gangster, Rappers on the losing end of rap beefs.

Boy Wonder?

Lloyd Banks has always been considered G-Unit's "lyrical lieutenant" but recently he's been falling pray to whispers that Tony Yayo has surpassed him in rank as a rapper. SOHH forum users felt so passionate about Banks falling off, some suggested "Llyod Banks needs to hang it up."

Notorious HNIC said, "It seems like ever since he dropped Hunger for More, that dude flat out abandoned that style and started dropping garbage. The only punch lines that come out nowadays are about his whip, chain, clothes, or money. If I wanted to hear that type of sh*t, I'll get it from Fabolous."

Rockyrulz9 disagrees, has everybody been listening to the past 2 G-Unit mixtapes? This nikka been killing. He fell of a bit after Hunger For More but the "Boy Wonder" is back. He has been spitting crazy these past mixtapes. Anyone hear 70 bars? I forgot SOHH is just full of Unit haters. The punchline kid is back.

Should Lloyd retire? Make your voice heard here.

Gangster Lineage

Diddy Do It? Amidst allegations made by an LA Times reporter implicating Diddy's involvement in the 1994 shooting of Tupac, SOHH forum readers were saying "I didn't realize Puff came from gangster lineage."

Sunzoo aka LC, said Diddy "has great PR people to keep his image squeaky clean...but real n*ggas know wassup, the n*gga is dirty. Ain't much separation between him and Suge Knight other than one actually lies and tap dances for the media, and one doesn't give a f*ck. Apparently, Puff's way of doing things is working out a little better than that "I'm above the law" sht."

ButThoro777, isn't convinced, "It don't matter if his father played golf with John Gotti every Saturday and ate Sunday dinner at the Escobars house, that guy [Diddy] is not a G. These little scuffles you hear about with him are always his 6'8, 400 pound bodyguards doing, all of 'em. "Gangster lineage", negro please."

Is Diddy a gangster or a gentlemen? Speak on it here.

The Beats

The recent Fat Joe/Papoose brawl proved that when rap beef gets physical the line between winner and loser is always blurred. No one openly admits defeat, SOHH forum users began a discussion on "Rappers who we know for a fact, that have gotten "The Beats." Here's the rundown.

RAZAH CUTSadded "Lil Cease - Got his ass beat by Main-O in the street in BK. Steve Stoute - Got his ass beat by Puff at the studio."

Lickitung comprised this list, "Cam'ron by Tru Life, Trick Daddy by Trick Trick, Styles P by Trick Trick, Jim Jones by Junior Mafia Member, Beanie Sigel by Philly Thugs, 50 Cent by Black Child, Ja Rule by 50 Cent, Jay-Z by Big Pun and Fat Joe, Nas by N.O.R.E., Ras Kass by The Game, Papoose by Fat Joe, Cuban Links [Face] by Fat Joe, Twista by Chicago Thugs, and Dr. Dre by Suge Knight Chronie."

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