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Jeremy: 'My Daughter Must Be Like Jameson To Pursue Porn Career'
Source: World Entertainment News Network
Posted on: March 17, 2008 11:21 MST
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Ron Jeremy

Porn star Ron Jeremy would support his daughter if she wanted a career in the adult movie industry - but only if she was blessed with the same business acumen that earned Jenna Jameson multi-millions.

The legendary sex performer admits it’s easier for men to survive in the industry than women, and if he ever fathered a daughter, he hopes the privileged education she’d receive would lead her down a different path. However, he wouldn’t stop her pursuing work in the industry if she could emulate the financial achievement of savvy porn queen Jameson.

He says, "There’s a double standard that exists in society. It’s a lot easier for a guy to do it than a girl to do it. And that’s why the girls get paid so much more. But not a lot of girls in porn have had a college education. So a lot of them have worked (in porn) to make their money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, whereas if you were working at McDonalds, that’s how many fries you’d earn.

"But my daughter would probably have a college education so I imagine she’d be chasing careers involving the mind. But if she really wanted to do it age 18, I’m not going to stop her. I would just hope she’d do it wisely like Jenna did - only with a select few guys, make the big, big bucks. Jenna socked like $17 million. So I’d hope that my daughter would be at least as creative and smart as possible. I don’t think she would do it. I don’t think it would be her thing."

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