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Moby thinks Lipton is a little light
Source: canoe.ca
Posted on: March 10, 2008 10:13 MST
Filed under: Pop, Electronic


Moby, who sat down Saturday afternoon for a celebrity interview as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto, thinks question-maven James Lipton (host of Inside the Actor's Studio) is a "eunuch."

"James Lipton, can you imagine being friends with him?" he says. "There are some people who seem utterly asexual. I'm sure he has (had sex), but I just don't want to picture it."

The artist, who releases his new album Last Night in April, also said there are several similarities between promoting a record and being a hooker.

"I oftentimes find myself sitting in hotel rooms and every 30 minutes a different person comes in and I have intimate contact with them and I never see them again," he says. "I guess the only difference is there's not as much of a risk of communicable disease. And I don't get paid."

And what's Moby's biggest regret? Erasing a phone message that featured Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose laughing his head off.

"I had a creative message on my answering machine over the years," he says. "Forgive me for being so offensive. It said, 'Hello you've reached the International Centre for Tourette sh-t, f--k.'"

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