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Tony Yayo Can't "Hide Behind G-Unit, 50 Cent Owes An Apology," Says Mom
Contributed by: Rich Rock
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: February 15, 2008 07:17 MST
Filed under: Rap

Tony Yayo

The mother of Jimmy Henchman's son speaks out about Tony Yayo's involvement in the assault of her minor child, and the results of today's ruling (Feb. 14).

As SOHH previously reported, Yayo (born Marvin Bernard) was charged in March with assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly smacking 14-year-old James Rosemond on a Manhattan street.

Today, Yayo's dismissal in court came after a surprising turn of events on January 10, when co-defendant Lowell Fletcher admitted to slapping the boy, saying Yayo tried to restrain him and pull him off the kid. This is the same story Fletcher said he told hip-hop police, Detectives Courtney Atkins and Kinely Williams, when he was interviewed before.

Fletcher is a long-time associate of Tony Yayo's who was identified in a lineup by Henchmen's son.

Cynthia Reed, the victim's mother, said today's ruling offered proof of Yayo's role in the assault.

"As much as Marvin Bernard tried to wiggle his way out of his role in assaulting my son, who is a minor, he had to accept responsibility to accept a plea deal," Reed said in a statement released to SOHH. "He couldn't hide behind 50 Cent, G-unit, Violator management or his co-defendant."

Yayo did end up copping to a violation today, one that his lawyer called "nothing more than a glorified traffic ticket." Yayo will serve no time and this will not show up on his criminal record.

"In sum, all that Yayo admitted to doing was getting out of the car and glaring at the victim," said Scott Leemon, Yayo's attorney. "Once he realized what Fletcher was doing, he went and grabbed Fletcher to pull him away from the victim."

Aside from calling for sponsors to distance themselves from "individuals like Yayo," Reed believes Yayo owes more than his plea deal.

"A public apology is appropriate at this time," she said, "not only from Tony Yayo but from 50 Cent for denying this event ever happened--as if my son was lying when all along they knew this assault had taken place."

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