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Cashis Reveals Double-Disc Debut, EP; Speaks On His Relationship With Eminem
Contributed by: Ronnie Gamble
Source: ballerstatus.com
Posted on: January 15, 2008 08:01 MST
Filed under: Rap


Shady Records recording artist Cashis is real excited right now. Not only does he have an EP, with County Hound, out that sold more than he and his label expected, but he is also enjoying triple platinum success with the Shady compilation, The Re-Up, which he is featured on seven songs of. Now, as records non-stop for his debut record, titled Loose Cannon, the rapper is gearing up for its release sometime this year -- actually a first quarter release is what he told us.

The Orange County, California native told BallerStatus at a recent private Interscope Records event that he's pushing for a summer release of his major label debut, but before then, fans can expect some free music that he will release on his own.

"[Loose Cannon] was supposed to drop in December [2007], but [the label] wanted it to come out now," Cashis said of the forthcoming album. "I'm trying to push it back a little bit later 'cause I got a couple more songs I wanna do. I wanna give the fans another EP right before I come out. Just put out an EP out, outta my own pocket, for free for the fans, and then hit 'em with a double CD for the price of one."

The as-yet-titled EP won't be your run of the mill five or six song EP though. He revealed that it will be a visual EP, with a video accompanying each song -- songs that he insists will not be on his debut.

"These records will not be on the album, so it's not like I'm going to be cheating the fans," he told Ballerstatus.

As for Loose Cannon, Cashis said that he's recorded upwards of 800 songs for the album, which he revealed would be a double-disc release, but it's not quite right yet. He wants to get back in the studio to record a few more songs before it's finalized, but did reveal that fans can definitely expect Eminem to be featured on the album.

His first solo release of sorts came in May 2007 with the release of The County Hound EP, a eight track release Cashis and Shady were very happy with, as far as results.

"It was a limited edition release. We had to reprint more, so big shout out to the fans because we only put $50,000 into that project and we made 20 times that. So, that's real good," Cashis said.

And Eminem, Cashis didn't have nothing but praise for the man he said has raised him since signing with the Shady imprint, saying that was "like my father."

"That's my big brother," Cashis exclaimed. "I got 'Shady' tattooed on me six times. If you look right here (points to his hand), I have 'Shady Gang' right here. This is for life right here. This ain't like 'I'm a rapper, so I'm gonna get a tattoo for it' ... I'm tattooed up.

"Eminem is the godfather of all my children. He got a portrait with me and my kids hanging up in his house, and I have a hand drawn portrait of him hanging up in mine. We don't kiss each other on the mouth or none of that sh--, but to me, that's like my father. He took me in and he raised me. I'm a Shady baby," he continued
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